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Scroll Compressors ordered after 12/21/17, have an estimated ship date of April 2018.

Please Note: When pre-orders for the Scroll Compressor are subsequently cancelled, the $200 gift card will also be cancelled. If the gift card has been used, the amount refunded for the scroll compressor will be reduced by $200 regardless of how much has been redeemed on the gift card (the gift card will remain valid).

Purchase a Scroll Compressor


Due to overwhelming demand, we have sold through our limited pre-sale quantities of Scroll Compressors and $200 Eastwood Gift Cards. Scroll Compressors may still be purchased and placed on backorder. Scroll Compressors ordered after 12/21/17, have an estimated ship date of April 2018.

This is the Quietest Compressor We've Tested, PLUS...This Scroll Compressor Will Run Every Air Tool In Your Shop!

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What Is A Scroll?

What Can It Run?

How Quiet Is It?

Is It Really Different From My Existing Compressor?


How a scroll works.

A scroll compressor has only one moving part -the rotating scroll.

The rotating scroll is moved in an elliptical pattern by the electric motor output shaft inside of a corresponding stationary scroll . The elliptical movement pulls air in from the outer edges and efficiently compressor the air charge toward the center of the scroll . This constant displacement pump design reaches 100% volumetric efficiency and ultra-quiet operation with minimal components.

A piston compressor utilizes many components to drive a position in reciprocating motion up and down in the cylinder. As the piston moves down in the cylinder a valve is displaced and allows air to enter, the piston then changes direction and compresses the air charge and expels the majority but not all the charge out the exhaust valve. In theory, the piston compressor can never reach 100 % volumetric efficiency as there will always be a small amount of air left in the cylinder as the piston can never touch the top of the cylinder to due mechanical interference.

The constant change in piston direction, rotating crankshaft, metal on metal of the piston rings and cylinder wall and intake valve fluctuations all contribute to the annoying loud compressor noise we are too familiar with.
Why is a scroll better than a piston?

A scroll compressor is truly 100% volumetrically efficient meaning all the air that is pulled into the intake side is compressed and moved through the exhaust side into the tank. The scroll has only one moving part eliminating the constant wear and blow by associated with piston compressors. The scroll rotates in one direction and is designed to run at 100% duty cycle very efficiently and the reason it only requires a 3HP motor to drive the scroll to 12 cfm and the best part…. The lack of noise!


  • How big is it? :
    The scroll compressor is 44" wide X 39" tall X 21" deep. It weighs 325 Pounds.

  • Will the scroll compressor need to be hardwired or will it have a plug? :
    The scroll compressor will come with a 12 ga cord that will not have a plug end.  This will give you  the option to hardwire or install an appropriate plug of your choice.

  • Will a 15 amp breaker be sufficient for power usage? :
    We require a minimum 20 amp 240 volt circuit to ensure that you will have no issues with the compressors 20 amp peak current draw.

  • Do these type of compressors shut off when the tank is full? :
    The QST will shut off at 145 psi which is when the tank full.

  • How Long does it take for the tank to fill to 145psi? :
    Approximately 3 minutes

  • How Much does it cost to ship the Scroll Compressor? :
    Shipping is a 250 Dollar Flat rate Fee.  In store pick up will also be available at our three retail locations.

  • Does the Scroll Compressor still need an air Filter/Drier? :
    Just like a piston compressor the scroll compressor compresses air which causes the air temperature to rise and moisture to condense Therefore the same Filtration and moisture separation will be needed to ensure clean dry air.

  • What is the Warranty? :
    The Scroll Compressor is backed by a 2 year warranty.

  • What are the maintenance requirements? :
    After the first year we  specify an oil change and every three years we specify an oil and filter change.  There is an air filter, an oil filter and a moisture separator/filter that would be changed at that time.

  • Where is this Compressor Made? :
    The air compressor is made in China to Eastwood's specifications. We do all validation and testing of products here in the USA to ensure that they meet our exacting standards


Input Voltage

Amperage Breaker Size Phase HP Duty Cycle Max PSI CFM @ 90PSI CFM @ 40PSI Tank Size Noise (decibels)

240 VAC

15 20 1 3.3 100% 145 12 12 27 Gallon 69db
Industrial Scroll 240 VAC
8.5 Consult Certified Electrician 3 5


116 8.8 N/A 30 Gallon 72db
60 Gallon Piston Compressor

240 VAC

22 30 1 5 60% 145 10.68 11.58 60 Gallon 86db
Input Voltage

240 VAC

Amperage 15
Breaker Size 20
Phase 1
HP 3.3
Duty Cycle 100%
Max PSI 145
CFM @ 90PSI 12
CFM @ 40PSI 12
Tank Size 27 Gallon
Noise db 69db
Industrial Scroll
Input Voltage 240 VAC 3 Phase
Amperage 8.5
Breaker Size Consult Certified Electrician
Phase 3
HP 5
Duty Cycle 100%
Max PSI 116
CFM @ 90 PSI 8.8
CFM @ 40 PSI N/A
Tank Size 30Gallon
Noise db 72db
60-Gallon Piston Compressor
Input Voltage 240 VAC
Amperage 22
Breaker Size 30
Phase 1
HP 5
Duty Cycle 60%
Max PSI 145
CFM @ 90 PSI 10.68
CFM @ 40 PSI 11.58
Tank Size 60 Gallon
Noise db 86db
Item Number 31700
Warranty 2 Years
Ship Weight 395 lbs.
Product Weight 325 lbs.
Noise Level 69db @ 1m
Maximum PSI 145
Tank Size 27 Gallons
Out Size 1/2" NPT
CFM @ 40PSI 12
CFM @ 90 PSI 12
Oil Filter Part Number 31715
Moisture Filter Part Number 31716
Air Cleaner Part Number 31717
Oil Type/Quantity 31718 (44 Oz Fill)
Voltage 240Volt AC
Phase 1-Phase
Frequency 60Hz
Breaker Size Minimum 20 Amp
Amps 15
Duty Cycle 100%
HP 3.3

Purchase a Scroll Compressor