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2-stage turbine pumps air thru a 40' FDA-approved breathing hose
Only $679.99
2-stage turbine pumps air thru an 80' FDA-approved breathing hose
Only $559.99
Pro-quality spray system with a built-in supplied-air respirator
Only $1,499.99
Pro-quality spray system with a supplied-air respirator, gravity gun
Only $1,699.99
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Axis Air Group HVLP Equipment

When you’re painting a car, you need high-quality air. Axis Air Group has developed a complete line of HVLP respirators and sprayers that will protect your lungs when using solvent-based paints. Not everyone has a large open-air space with natural ventilation — but painting inside can leave you exposed to toxins and particulates that have lasting effects. This protective painting gear will make paint booths, garages and other enclosed areas safer so you can enjoy your favorite hobby.

Automotive Painting Respirators

Don’t take a chance of your great project car finish coming at the expense of your lungs. The Axis Products Hobbyair and Pro Air respirator systems supply fresh outside air to your workspace so you can breathe easy. Each setup uses an air pump, hose and face mask to draw air directly to you without allowing solvent after-effects in. A half-mask painting respirator covers the mouth and nostrils while full-mask respirators also shield your eyes so they won’t be irritated by the spray.

HVLP Spray Systems

Trust the Axis Citation Turbine System for a complete HVLP automotive painting system. These professional spray paint kits have everything you need for both high-quality painting and personal safety. You’ll receive either a bottom feed HVLP gun or gravity feed spray gun that produces an even flow of paint for a better funs. The Citation system also includes a multi-stage air pump, positive pressure half-mask respirator, pullover hood, hoses and hardware so you’ll be ready to enter any paint booth.

DIY Painting Supplies that Work

Just because you’re a passionate hobbyist doesn’t mean you should put safety second in the garage. Eastwood has the best selection of Axis paint sprayers and respirators so you can Do the Job Right and be healthy for the next one, too. We also have free lifetime technical support from our automotive experts on every product. Call, email or visit the Eastwood Garage online to learn all about how to do safe HVLP painting.