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Boom Mat Spray-On stops noise and vibrations in hard to reach places where peel and stick mat can’t go
Only $10.99
Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining is specially designed to block engine compartment noise and heat
Only $81.99
Boom Mat Under Carpet Lite provides the second layer of defense in your car, truck or van against noise, vibration and heat
Only $126.99
Clean, classy way to protect wires, hoses & cables
Only $111.99
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DEI Automotive Insulation Solutions

Even the smoothest-running classic cars can produce a lot of heat, noise and rattling when they’re on the road. Design Engineering Inc., better known as DEI, manufactures vehicle insulation systems that keep these things outside the cockpit where they belong. While most modern vehicles come with high-quality deadening materials already installed, older muscle cars and hot rods don’t have these luxuries. By adding DEI vehicle linings and wraps, you can enjoy a comfortable ride even when you’re going old-school. Eastwood has several automotive heat control products from this company that has been improving both performance and creature comfort since 1995.

Thermal & Acoustic Blockers

DEI damping materials are proven to work even in extreme driving conditions. Their underhood thermal acoustic sheet lining is a dual-purpose sheet that blocks both engine noise and heat from entering the vehicle cabin. This mix of marine-grade foam and fiberglass-reinforced aluminum withstands harsh conditions so you don’t have to. Add a second line of defense with DEI under-carpet boom mats to reduce vibrations in the floorboards and stop extreme heat or cold. For the nooks and crannies that regular thermal barrier materials can’t reach, DEI Boom Mat Spray-On has the same insulation properties as the peel-and-stick version. They also make automotive wiring protection kits that shield against abrasions and common chemicals.

Make Driving More Comfortable

High-quality auto insulation barriers make any road trip more fun. By using Design Engineering Inc. products that are made in the U.S., you can enjoy your favorite tunes and talk to passengers without having to shout over the car. You’ll also reduce stress on the vehicle’s HVAC system. Eastwood backs all DEI auto-deadening materials with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime tech support. Check out the Eastwood Garage for more tips on how to reduce road noise and heat by using the right lining materials.