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Slip over existing oxy-acetylene tip to produce a soft solder flame
Only $37.99
Easily manage your air hose in your shop or home garage

Only $127.99

Sale $99.97

Ideal for final finishing and deburring of fabricated parts

Starting at: $119.97

More than 26 tools in the palm of your hand!

Only $21.99

Sale $18.97

Rated #1 in its class by Truckin' Magazine!
Only $23.99
Forged from chrome molybdenum alloy steel, with hardened cutting edges
Only $10.99
One quick squeeze easily fastens and cuts cable ties like a pro
Only $19.99
Upgrade your standard ratchet by adding digital torque precision
Only $59.99
3/8-inch drive unit measures 7-100 ft.-lbs. torque & rotation angle
Only $114.99
Low-profile cutting-head design lets you work the tool into tight areas
Only $149.99
17 pieces help you add a lustrous shine to auto parts and more

Only $33.99

Sale $22.97

1-HP, dual-speed buffer's extended shaft allows more working area

Only $224.99

Sale $189.97

100-lb. blaster has large, high-flow valves to speed rust/paint removal

Only $165.99

Sale $129.97

Create 3 kinds of precision flares, in 5 sizes of tubing

Only $199.99

Sale $179.97

Eastwood Air Nibbler

Only $47.99

Sale $36.97

USA-made unit measures up to 125 psi; maximum flow 100 cfm
Only $53.99
Compressed-air flow is dispersed evenly through the desiccant
Only $187.99
2-stage filtration removes particles down to 70 microns
Only $304.99
Align, bend and adjust 3/16" and 1/4" lines with just a twist of the wrist
Only $21.99
Ball pein on 1 side, flat face on the other; balanced wood handle
Only $26.99
Contoured to suit many trim-forming needs

Only $19.99

Sale $16.97

"U"-notched tool releases door panel clips; broad face prevents damage
Only $16.99
Ideal for straightening stainless trim; small enough for tight spots

Only $22.99

Sale $19.97

Aggressively smooth-out roughest casting edges prior to buffing
Only $11.99
Creates straight or curved flanges 5/8" x 5/8" wide
Only $43.99
Provides support and flexibility for panel beating, metal shaping

Only $45.99

Sale $39.97

Includes parts bin and flow-thru cleaning brush

Only $166.99

Sale $129.97

Holds, organizes your sockets so you'll find the right one fast
Only $28.99
Lift & move incomplete projects or stored vehicles with ease

Starting at: $403.91

Eastwood On Car Flaring Tool for 3/16 Tubing
Only $49.99
Operates in both a horizontal and vertical position
Only $399.99
Eastwood Metal Hand Punch
Only $41.99
Includes the 3 most popular sized brake bleeder wrenches
Only $43.99
2000W Pure Sine Inverter w/Remote
Only $261.99
Eastwood CONTOUR SCT® Expanding Drum
Only $69.99
Quickly remove paint & rust or surface condition metal

Only $249.99

Sale $189.97

Orbital action is perfect for paint polishing

Only $115.99

Sale $79.97

Eastwood Masking Machine Station Tree Type
Only $85.99
Eastwood Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Only $35.99
Bleed brakes by yourself without depressing the pedal or wasting fluid with this newly improved designed Eastwood Brake Bleeder.

Only $33.99

Sale $29.97

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