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Yost Vises and More

Securing items is simple when you own tools and accessories made by Yost Vises. Machinists, mechanics, carpenters and artists who need an iron grip have trusted Yost since 1908. Their clamping tools are used by both professionals and home craftsmen who need something solid, dependable, versatile and affordable. All products they manufacture meet or exceed federal specifications set for tools used in the metalworking trade. When you need both hands to drill, saw, sand or finish, your workpiece will be in the best hands possible by choosing Yost.

Heavy-Duty Vises and Clamps

Although the famed vise is right in their name, Yost offers many products for holding items in place. Their shop vise selection alone includes dozens of models to do everything from basic DIY clamping to industrial metal fabrication. Here’s a list of just some of the Yost vise products available at Eastwood:

  • Utility bench vises
  • Machinist vises
  • Woodworking vises
  • Drill press vises
  • Portable vises
  • Round channel vises
  • C-clamps
  • Bar clamp spreaders
  • Pipe clamps
  • F-clamps
  • Toggle clamps

These tools come in various sizes and have a variety of features to Do the Job Right. Yost even offers vises in several colors to suit your tastes. Accessories such as soft jaw caps and cutting guides increase the possibilities of what you can do in your shop.

Tools Made for Craftsmen

Eastwood is proud to partner with Yost Vises and offer the best tools to our automotive customers. These high-function tools are easy to use and backed by the most generous warranties in the industry. By ordering them from our catalog, you also receive a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Visit the Yost YouTube channel to watch demonstrations of their most popular products. Still not sure which vises and clamps to buy? Call or email us to speak with an expert who can answer your questions.