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Power tools, a cell phone charger, cordless-tool charger, laptop <800 watts
Only $135.99
2000W Pure Sine Inverter w/Remote
Only $229.99
100W Car Inverter with 2.1 Ah USB

Only $14.99

Sale $8.88

1000W Pure Sine Inverter with Remote
Only $129.99
300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
Only $55.99
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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters

Power inverters convert DC power (which is power stored in batteries) to AC power, which is the power supplied by the electric company and fed to your home. Electronic devices need AC power to operate, but power inverters generally output power in two forms, modified sine wave vs. pure sine wave.

Pure sine wave power flows in even, arching waves, whereas modified sine wave power flows to your devices in chunky, square waves. The square waves are giving power to your device “all or nothing,” so to speak. Your device will run properly, or not. The power is coming through in a less seamless fashion. Gaining power that is flowing in modified sine waves does not come through as clean and efficient—it doesn’t flow to the device as “pure.” The devices will get the power they need to operate, but when it comes to devices like fans, TV’s, radios and lights, they will tend to buzz, as they are running a bit “hotter,” due to the way power flows to them.


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