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Headlamp 280 Lumen LED Headlight
Only $21.99
LED work light provides light anywhere for up to 4 hours on a charge
Only $16.99
Rechargeable, water resistant, pistol grip LED spotlight

Only $22.99

Sale $10.48

Eastwood Folding 11 SMD LED Worklight

Only $9.99

Sale $4.18

Eastwood COB LED Rechargeable Flood Light
Only $39.99
Eastwood COB LED Rechargeable Work Light
Only $39.99
Eastwood COB LED Flexible Work Light
Only $19.99
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Work Lights

Times have changed. It used to be a hanging 60 watt light bulb in a metal cage was the best light source for just about any under-hood, or under-car project. Some mechanics still have grid shaped burn scars on their arms from how hot the cage on these would get. Nowadays there a multitude of LED and florescent work light options that do not get hot. These light sources use so much less energy you can also get cordless rechargeable versions too, and they are still as bright as an old 60 watt drop light.

Eastwood carries LED work lights in just about any configuration you could want. Plus we've got standing quarts halogen flood lights that will bring daylight to the darkest shop or driveway. We even have retractable reel drop lights and extension cords you can mount in the shop so you always have it handy when you need it, and can put it away at the end of the job with just a tug.


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