Far superior to conventional abrasive blasting for automotive paint removal
Conventional abrasive blasting can warp and damage auto body panels. Soda blasting
is aggressive enough to remove paint, but gentle enough that it will not damage metal,
glass, chrome, rubber, fiberglass, or trim.

5 Blasters To Choose

Big Capacity, Lowest Price

100 lb. top-loading hopper.

50095 Eastwood Soda Blaster

Just $279.99

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Super Compact

10 lb. capacity, work in tight spots

11805 Portable Soda Blaster

Just $409.99

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Our Best, Most Versatile Soda Blaster

Switch from Soda to Abrasive Blasting in Seconds.

11737 Eastwood Master Blaster – Dual blaster

Just $429.99

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Instantly switch from soda to abrasive blasting,
or any combination of the two!

Pro Quality under $700

Rugged construction, 100 lb. capacity

50096 Eastwood Soda Blaster USA

Just $699.99

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Super Heavy Duty Soda Blaster

Strip an entire car in 1 day
• Sprays water as you blast – controls dust.

11804 Heavy Duty Soda Blaster

Just $2199.99

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You’re really getting 2 blasters in 1: a bicarbonate-of-soda blaster plus a pressure abrasive blaster, so you can use the soda to blast-away paint, and then follow-up with a more aggressive blasting media to remove rust and corrosion.
Soda blasting will not warp base metal, nor harm glass or trim, so less masking is needed...plus you can do more soda blasting between refills, thanks to the 100-lb.-capacity hopper.
Unlike other blasters on the market, you can use your home compressor, since this unit requires as little as 7 cfm at 80 psi. An additional advantage of soda blasting is that the soda residue prevents corrosion from forming on steel for up to 6 weeks in inside storage.

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Q. Is soda blasting safe for surfaces?
A. Bicarbonate of soda will not harm glass, plastics, fiberglass or chrome surfaces. It’s used to remove paint coatings from the vehicle without etching the surface or warping like more aggressive media. It’s the best way to strip fiberglass Corvettes, boats or after-market hoods. Also use it to remove paint from urethane and SMC-type bumper fascias.

Q. What if I need a more aggressive blasting medium?
A. This unit can also be easily converted to utilize standard abrasive medias such as crushed glass, aluminum oxide, etc. with the included abrasive kit.

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• Safe on metal, fiberglass, delicate surfaces

• Won't harm glass, chrome, rubber, trim

• Leaves a protective film, wards off flash rust

• No masking required

• Environmentally friendly & "green"

• Easy clean up with a garden hose

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