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Eastwood STRONGLY recommends
you read the entire manual before using.

Application of Powder

Caution: Before plugging in the unit, make sure that all the cords are uncoiled and free to move (do not depress the activation switch).

Hold the gun at various positions and angles to get the best application of powder over the entire part.

Application of Powder

Plug the power supply into a grounded outlet. Maintain approximately 8 inches between the gun tip and part being coated. Depress the activation switch while triggering the gun. Depressing the activation switch energizes the gun, charging the powder. Releasing the switch turns the power off. Once the activation switch has been released, a slight charge will remain in the gun until the emitter is touched to the ground clip. Be sure to touch the emitter to the ground clamp before touching the emitter. Move the gun in slightly different angles to ensure that all areas of the part are covered (as shown above). Be sure to coat deeper crevices and inside corners first to prevent uneven coating. The coated surface will have a dull opaque coating of powder. Make sure all areas of the part are coated evenly. Powder can sometimes be difficult to apply in deep recessed areas or into corners. Try repositioning the part to allow gravity to help assure coverage in corners and reposition the the gun as shown above.

Practice on some scrap pieces of metal to obtain a uniform coating.

Before Touching or Cleaning the Emitter

The gun becomes less efficient as powder builds up on the gun emitter. To remove powder buildup from the emitter, release the activation switch, and momentarily touch the emitter to the ground clamp (the resulting spark indicates the system is now discharged). Wipe off the electrode with a dry cloth. When you are finished applying the powder to the part, release the activation switch, touch the emitter to the ground clip, set the gun down and unplug the power unit.

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