My car's headlights are hazy, can I make them clear again?

Have you ever notice those cars with the YELLOW haze on their plastic headlamps? Sure you have.... You may even own one yourself. If you do, then you know the impact they can have on your driving experience. In fact, some headlamps become so bad that they can reduce your light output by up to 50%!!! That is a dangerous level no matter how you look at it.

The good news is that removing the haze from your headlights is quick and inexpensive. Recognizing the amount of cars out there with this affliction and the ease with which it can be remedied, Eastwood said "Let there be light!" and developed the Plastic Headlight Refinishing Kit #52267.

This easy to use kit removes the haze that has been keeping you in the dark and helps to revitalize your nighttime and foul weather driving experiences. The kit comes with enough product to restore several pairs of headlamps for years to come.

For SEVERELY hazy/oxidized headlamps you may need to start by wet-sanding the surface to remove any heavy imperfections or surface irregularities. Starting with 400 grit paper, you will progress to 800, then 1200 grit paper before jumping over to the actual buffing step.