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Precision Tubing Notcher Instruction

The Eastwood Tubing Notcher is essential for fabricating tight, accurate tubing joints.  The more accurate the tubing joint, the stronger the resulting welded joint will be

Important Safety Note

Always wear safety glasses when using this or any other power tool.  Since the tubing notcher cuts metal, it is possible that metal shards may get into your eyes.   To ensure a safe grip, we recommend using leather gloves when cutting tubing.   This also reduces the risk of cutting your hands on sharp metal edges.

Read and understand all instructions and cautions before use.

1.Turn the cutter arbor over in the support.   It is placed upside down on the notcher so that it will fit in the box for shipment.

2. Never use pliers or vise grips to hold the arbor. A pin lock hole has been drilled into the arbor and support assembly to aid in changing cutter and for tool storage. Always use this hole when changing saws or storing the tool. We recommend that you practice on some scrap tubing before performing the actual work to understand how much tubing will be required.

3. Drill speed should be no more than 500 rpm for most metals. Always start the drill slowly and increase speed if necessary. Slower cutting speed will yield a cleaner cut. Thin-walled MOLY tubing may require higher speeds.

4. Keep the cutter and arbor lubricated while cutting. Use a good quality cutting oil or liquid coolant to extend the life of your hole saws and make much cleaner cuts.

5. The Tubing Notcher may be attached to a drill press table.   The double-axis base can easily be attached to a drill press table. Ensure that the arbor travels smoothly in the support after attaching to the table by adjusting both bolts. This is critical for making accurate cuts and longer bushing life.

6. The Tubing Notcher ships with a 1/2" x 20 threaded arbor and adaptor for 5/8" x 18 threaded holesaws.   This thread pitch will fit most High Speed Bi-Metal holesaws up to 1 1/8" diameter. Some holesaws may require the use of the included 5/8" washer on the arbor to avoid stripping the holesaw threads. For larger diameter holesaws, use the 5/8" x 18 threaded adaptor. If most of your work requires the use of holesaws with 5/8" x 18 threads, an arbor with 5/8" x 18 threads which requires no adaptor is available by special order.

7. Keep the arbor support as close to the saw as possible.   When making deep-angled cuts in large diameter material, move the arbor support upward in its adjustment slot. This keeps the deflection of the arbor to a minimum. The arbor does not need to be removed to make this adjustment. After making a deep-angled cut, we recommend returning the arbor support to its lowest position.

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