Eastwood Select

Eastwood STRONGLY recommends
you read the entire manual before using.

Preparing the Part

Before You Start

  • Remove all items from the box. Compare with list of contents to make sure unit is complete.
  • Description of parts and function:
  • Model 198 HotCoat® Powder Coating Gun: applies a wide range of specially formulated powder coatings.
  • 34066 Disposable Filter: removes contaminants down to 1 micron from the air supply. Supplements existing moisture trap.
  • 10198B Cup: holds powder (fill 1-2 inches from bottom of cup)
  • Discharge Tube: fluidizes powder
  • Pick Up Tube: provides exit of fluidized powder to nozzle
  • 5115 Complete HotCoat® Power Supply unit with Leads: converts
    110-120VAC to 9KVDC (no user serviceable parts)
  • Activation Switch: Applies voltage to Emitter: hold-on, release-off

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