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Eastwood STRONGLY recommends
you read the entire manual before using.

Read and understand all instructions and precautions before proceeding. This unit uses high voltage, and uses powder which may become flammable under certain circumstances. Eastwood shall not be held liable for consequences due to deliberate or unintentional misuse of this product.

DANGER: UNUSUAL FLAMMABILITY HAZARD! Powder coating dust, when confined and suspended in air, poses a definite fire and explosion hazard if ignited. Good housekeeping, adequate ventilation, dust control and isolation from potential ignition sources is required! Sweep up unused powder from the floor. Do Not Vacuum unless the vacuum is equipped with an explosion proof motor! Never smoke while powder coating. Do not apply powder coat near any source of ignition, e.g. open flames, sparks, etc. Do not use a gas oven for curing powder coatings: use only an electric oven that is in good repair. Use the same precautions that you would for liquid solvent based coatings.

DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE! READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL DIRECTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING! The power supply is a sealed unit and contains no user serviceable parts! Contact with the emitter will result in an unpleasant shock! To eliminate the shock hazard, touch the emitter to the ground clip after each use. (If you have a medical condition or pacemaker check with your doctor before using.)

Electrical Safety Tips
Electrical Safety Do's

  • Make sure you, your work area, and your equipment are dry.
  • If you are using an extension cord, make sure it is in sound condition with no damage or frays, and of the correct wire gauge.

Electrical Safety Dont's

  • Never bypass the ground plug. Grounding is important for operation of the unit and prevents shock.
  • Do not touch the emitter until after the activation switch is released and the emitter has been touched to the ground clip.
  • Once you are spraying the part with the powder, avoid touching the gun to the part or other grounded objects.
  • Do not step on, kink, or pull the wires. Before using the gun inspect the condition of all wires.
  • Do not use a vacuum unless it is equipped with an explosion proof motor.
  • Do not touch or hold the part while coating.

Personal Safety Tips:

  • The powder is considered a nuisance dust and and consists primarily of pulverized plastic (polyurethane or polyester). Wear a Dust Mask to protect your lungs when handling, applying powder and clean up!
  • Oven cure powder coat in an electric oven only. Use an oven other than the one used for food, as mildly toxic fumes are given off by the powder residue during the curing process.
  • Always work in a well-ventilated area!
  • Wear an activated charcoal respirator when oven curing the powder.


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