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Professional I.R. heavy-duty cut-off tool powers thru exhausts quickly
Only $99.99
Makes clean cuts in steel without chips
Only $280.99
Easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in automotive materials
Only $197.99
Cuts intricate shapes in all types of automotive materials
Only $155.99
The Heavy Duty Air Nibbler from IR is perfect for cleanly cutting sheet metal
Only $182.99
Dual-action sander produces swirl-free finishes
Only $109.99
Works at 3000 SPM to smooth large surfaces fast
Only $181.99
Variable speeds to eliminate paint "burning"
Only $283.99
Variable speeds to polish and buff a variety of surfaces
Only $370.99
Helps you polish even in hard-to-reach spots
Only $207.99
Leaves a swirl-free finish on large flat surfaces
Only $205.99
High speed, to help you sand quickly
Only $112.99
Sand even large workpieces without fatigue
Only $166.99
Sander is vacuum-ready, for faster clean-up, less dust in the air
Only $231.99
Hutchins Lite Weight Standard Random Orbital Sander 6" Air 3500
Only $267.99
6" extended anvil increases your reach
Only $1,299.99
Generates 300 ft./lbs. of torque out of a lighter-than-you'd-expect tool
Only $439.99
Works easily in tight spots
Only $456.99
Generates up to 180 ft./lbs. of torque.
Only $267.99
Heavy-duty, but light in weight, so you can work with less fatigue
Only $295.99
Features Fast-torque™ to deliver 1,000 ft./lbs. of torque in 2 seconds
Only $999.99
Includes pistol grip and top handle for improved control
Only $1,028.99
3/8"-drive "Mini" Impact Wrench is small enough to work where others can't
Only $203.99
Low-Profile 1/2" Impactool™ is built to work easily in tight areas
Only $466.99
Ingersoll Rand's fastest 1/2 Inch Dirve Impactool™
Only $415.99
Smaller, lighter, 3/4" Impactool™ performs like a big 3/4" impact wrench
Only $578.99
1/2" Impact Wrench with enhanced Twin Hammer mechanism for more power
Only $244.99
1" Impact Wrench with 6" extended anvil works deep into hard-to-reach places
Only $899.99
Heavy-Duty 1/2" Impact Wrench with 2" extended anvil to get into tight spots
Only $305.99
Powered up and priced right for general service applications
Only $178.99
3/4" Impactool™ delivers performance and industrial-grade durability
Only $535.99
Ingersoll-Rand 3/4"-Drive Air Impact Wrench generates up to 1200 ft.-lbs. of torque
Only $841.99
1/2" Impactool™: small size, MAX impact for heavy-duty fastening
Only $489.99
Generates up to 150 ft./lbs. of torque, yet it fits the palm of your hand.
Only $392.99
Best-in-class performance for a tool that's under 6" long, under 2.5 lbs.
Only $429.99
1600 ft.-lbs. of truck-tire-changing torque
Only $2,661.99
IR's popular 1/2"-drive Impact Wrench tackles the toughest jobs
Only $239.99
Delivers MAX comfort, power and productivity
Only $205.99
Pounds away at up to 3500 blows per minute
Only $78.99
Pounds away at up to 5000 blows per minute
Only $70.99
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Eastwood has all the automotive tools for the DIY home garage mechanic to the professional shop owner. We carry a complete line of electrical power tools for cutting, sanding grinding and drilling if you are not set up for air powered tools. If your shop has an air compressor we offer a selection of high quality affordable air tools.

If you need tools for automotive maintenance we have the best brake tools and suspension tools on the market at affordable prices. Eastwood also has high quality hand tools like torque wrenches, socket wrenches, electrical service tools and automotive specialty tools.