Metal Fab and Welding Sale
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Powerful 1/2" Air Ratchet generates 76 ft./lbs. for heavy-duty jobs
Only $280.99
IR 1/2" Mini Air Ratchet Wrench delivers 65 ft./lbs. of max. torque in close quarters
Only $257.99
IR's popular 1/2"-drive Impact Wrench tackles the toughest jobs
Only $239.99
1/2" Impactoolâ„¢: small size, MAX impact for heavy-duty fastening
Only $489.99
Powered up and priced right for general service applications
Only $178.99
Heavy-Duty 1/2" Impact Wrench with 2" extended anvil to get into tight spots
Only $305.99
1/2" Impact Wrench with enhanced Twin Hammer mechanism for more power
Only $244.99
Ingersoll Rand's fastest 1/2 Inch Dirve Impactoolâ„¢
Only $415.99
Low-Profile 1/2" Impactoolâ„¢ is built to work easily in tight areas
Only $466.99
Heavy-duty, but light in weight, so you can work with less fatigue
Only $295.99
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Eastwood has all the automotive tools for the DIY home garage mechanic to the professional shop owner. We carry a complete line of electrical power tools for cutting, sanding grinding and drilling if you are not set up for air powered tools. If your shop has an air compressor we offer a selection of high quality affordable air tools.

If you need tools for automotive maintenance we have the best brake tools and suspension tools on the market at affordable prices. Eastwood also has high quality hand tools like torque wrenches, socket wrenches, electrical service tools and automotive specialty tools.