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Fathers Day Gift Guide
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Prevent damage to your wheels with these impact sockets
Only $21.99
Fits the most common sized sensors
Only $38.99
Service and access front wheel nuts with these lock-nut axle sockets
Only $47.99
Creates flares on or off the car
Only $288.99
Retract most brake caliper pistons on cars and trucks

Only $47.99

Sale $40.97

Suitable for oils and most other service fluids

Only $67.99

Sale $62.97

Rotates pistons back into disc brake calipers

Only $7.99

Sale $5.78

Works where an internal-type compressor won't; with 3 safety hooks

Only $34.99

Sale $26.99

Remove and install most U-Joints, Ball Joints
Only $50.99
Compress springs on the suspension of most non-commercial vehicles.
Only $123.99
Must have tool for removing ball joints and tie rods
Only $21.99
FAIRMOUNT® Tools Rear Axle Puller
Only $65.99
Pulls and separates bearings and gears

Only $53.99

Sale $45.97

Hydraulic gear puller with 20,000 lbs. of pulling force

Only $75.99

Sale $54.98

FAIRMOUNT® Air Conditioning Manifold Gauge Set

Only $72.99

Sale $49.98

FAIRMOUNT® Tools Inline Spark Checker
Only $5.99
Serpentine Accessory Belt Tool
Only $16.99
FAIRMOUNT® Tools Replacement Fluid Evacuator Hose
Only $10.99
FAIRMOUNT® Tools 6mm Replacement Fluid Evacuator Hose
Only $5.99
FAIRMOUNT® Tools 7mm Replacement Fluid Evacuator Hose
Only $5.99
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Eastwood has all the automotive tools for the DIY home garage mechanic to the professional shop owner. We carry a complete line of electrical power tools for cutting, sanding grinding and drilling if you are not set up for air powered tools. If your shop has an air compressor we offer a selection of high quality affordable air tools.

If you need tools for automotive maintenance we have the best brake tools and suspension tools on the market at affordable prices. Eastwood also has high quality hand tools like torque wrenches, socket wrenches, electrical service tools and automotive specialty tools.