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Ranger 1 Ton Folding Engine Stand
Only $215.99
Includes a 10’ premium grade alloy coated load chain and a zinc plated hand chain.
Only $79.99
Durable Lever Hoist that includes a 10’ premium grade alloy load chain
Only $119.99
Obtain accurate cylinder compression readings
Only $24.99
Autotwirler Engine Build Stand Red
Only $375.99
A complete set of metric and inch size taper taps and matching dies with storage case
Only $69.99
All the common and hard to find inch and metric taps and dies you’ll ever need
Only $139.99
The Eastwood Inspection Mirror/Magnet Set is like the extra hand you wish you had when working in tight or hard to reach spaces.
Only $15.99
ATD Universal Cooling System Pressure Tester 3300
Only $165.99
2-1/8-5 Ring Compressor
Only $13.23
Lisle Valve Spring Compressor 44300
Only $81.89
Lisle Gas Compression Tester 20250
Only $33.33
Lisle Small Ring Compressor 18500
Only $13.99
Lincoln Industrial Fluid Evacuator Plus 8.8 Liter Cap MV7201
Only $119.99
Innova Equus Inductive Timing LIght (DIS) 3551
Only $39.99
Innova CanOBD2 Diagnostic Tool 3100A
Only $129.99
Innova CanOBD2 Card Reader 3030A
Only $64.99
Innova Professional Timing Light 5568
Only $136.99
Electronic Specialties Digital Engine Analyzer/Multi Meter 385A
Only $59.73
Electronic Specialties Mini digital Multi-Meter w/Holster 501
Only $19.17
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