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Electronic Specialties Digital Engine Analyzer/Multi Meter 385A
Only $59.73
Electronic Specialties Mini digital Multi-Meter w/Holster 501
Only $18.99
Lisle Master Disconnect Set 39900
Only $54.69
Mityvac Fluid Transfer Pump MV7241
Only $13.99
Lisle Adjustable Seal Puller 56650
Only $14.99
Cal-Van Engine Cylinder Hone 360
Only $19.99
GearWrench Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor 2078
Only $29.99
A "must" for assembling engines and suspension components
Only $33.99
Makes it easy to rotate a Cummins® diesel
Only $59.99
Helps you quickly diagnose internal engine problems
Only $85.21
Use this kit for complete testing on gasoline engines
Only $66.99
Includes large and small Schrader adapters
Only $45.99
Heavy-duty, flexible polymer construction
Only $21.99
Make fluid changes easier and cleaner
Only $19.99
Precisely measures cylinder bore wear; 2"-6" range
Only $72.99
4 long, flexible brushes for cleaning out oil gallery orifices
Only $11.99
To disable car, unscrew this knob from battery and take it with you
Only $14.99
Helps your engine "breathe" easier, to generate more HP and torque
Only $36.99
Fuse link uses replaceable 5-amp fuses
Only $5.99
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Repair Tools for Car Engines

Whether you're changing the oil, replacing a belt or swapping an engine altogether, you'll need the right tools for handling its unique parts and pieces. At Eastwood, we've worked on plenty of motors, and we know better than to fight a losing battle with generic wrenches and screwdrivers. Our auto engine tools are selected from the world's leading companies or built in-house to do regular maintenance, rebuilds and everything in-between. These can be used for cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers and anything else with an engine.

Heavy-Duty Engine Tools

We are known throughout the industry for tough car engine tools that can handle just about anything. You'll see for yourself when you use our oil filter wrenches, valve spring compressors, fluid extractors, seal pullers and other products. If you're looking for some extra horsepower, pick up an engine porting kit to improve airflow. Professional mechanics who work on a lot of different cars will want to check out our wrench sets.

Engine Stands & Tables

Larger motor jobs sometimes require removing the engine from the vehicle. Our engine stands and hoists will perfectly suspend your power plant so you can access every inch of it at once. We have generic engine build stands and MotoFeet stands designed specifically for a Ford small block, s Chevy kick-out or another car model. A portable engine teardown table is another option that gives you a stable work surface.

Diagnostic Tools

Before you start your repairs, you need to know what's wrong. Eastwood stocks plenty of engine diagnostics and gauges for getting the readings that tell you what you need to know. Shop today for digital engine multimeters, OBD2 diagnostic tools, cooling system testers, inspection mirrors and much more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed from Eastwood

Every engine tool we sell has been tested by experts for effectiveness, ease-of-use and reliability. Our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee applies to everything that we sell no matter how big or small. The Eastwood Garage is filled with other information to help you get started.