Cyber Monday Sneak Peek

Affordable Air Ratchets from Eastwood & Ingersoll Rand

Pneumatic powered ratchets in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drives

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Generates 25 ft./lbs. of max. torque for medium-duty fastening jobs
Only $165.99
25 ft./lbs. of maximum torque and 250-rpm free speed
Only $179.99
Professional I.R. air ratchet wrench generates up to 54 ft.-lbs. of torque
Only $119.99
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When you want the speed of an Air Impact Gun, but not the power or the bulk, these air powered ratchet wrenches are just the thing.

Air Ratchets make short work of turning a bunch of nuts or bolts on or off really fast. Perfect for valve covers, rear ends, oil pans and timing covers, or anywhere really. These ratchet wrenches barely take up more room than a manual ratchet handle, but can spin 100 times faster than you'd be able to by hand. Eastwood even has a bargain priced all in one starter kit with air impact, hammer and ratchet, plus bits, sockets and accessories if you only just bought a compressor and need everything.