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Works where an internal-type compressor won't; with 3 safety hooks
Only $49.99
Compresses coil springs from inside for easy removal and replacement
Only $39.99
5 acid brushes are ideal for applying fluxes, paint removers and more
Only $5.99
Optional toe adapter attaches to Fastrax Camber/Caster Gauge 49089
Only $74.99
Improve handling, save suspension and tire wear on 13" to 18" wheels
Only $189.99
Add-on expands serviceability of the ATD Deluxe Ball Joint Service Set
Only $124.99
Safely removes and installs universal joints with needle bearings
Only $149.99
Removes, installs press-fit parts (ball joints, universal joints, truck brake anchor pins)
Only $189.99
A "must" for assembling engines and suspension components
Only $29.99
Lisle Stepped Pickle Fork 41400
Only $52.31
Lisle Bearing Seal and Race Driver Master Kit 12980
Only $66.71
LIsle Pickle Fork Kit 41500
Only $49.72
Accurately read tire pressures in .1psi increments, even at levels below 10psi
Only $49.99
Professional quality grease gun designed for years of service
Only $29.99
Fairmount Tools Rear Axle Puller

Only $59.99

Sale $53.97

QuickTrick Pro Series Alignment System for 13" to 18" Wheels 90004
Only $285.95
QuickTrick Pro Series Alignment System for 13" to 22.5" Wheels 90042
Only $442.95
QuickTrick Ball Bearing Turn Plates 60004
Only $229.95
Must have tool for removing ball joints and tie rods
Only $19.99
Compress springs on the suspension of most non-commercial vehicles.
Only $99.99
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Suspension Tools

Whether you are looking for the traditional "pickle fork" to break an a-arm free from a ball joint, or something more subtle, like a caster/camber gauge, Eastwood has it. We have nearly every tool you will ever need for breaking apart, squeezing together, pressing out/in or compressing springs, ball joints, tie rod ends and more. Whether you are performing routine maintenance, R & R, or restorations, you don't want to fool around with the extreme pressures suspension components are under, even without the weight of the car on them. Using the right tools for the job is not only easier, it’s safer too.