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Restores threads in inch, metric, right, left threads; self-adjusting
Only $59.99
Rennsteig 3 Piece Screw Extractor Set
Only $34.99
Eastwood Ratcheting Thread Tap Wrench T-Handle
Only $14.99
All the common and hard to find inch and metric taps and dies you’ll ever need
Only $139.99
A complete set of metric and inch size taper taps and matching dies with storage case
Only $69.99
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Tap and Die Sets

A good tap and die set should be a fixture in every shop. Even if you don't do much fabrication from scratch, you ought to have these special tools for cleaning out old threads during restorations. Clean threads make reassembly that much smoother. Our universal thread repair tool makes cleaning up old bolts a piece of cake too, because it works on nearly every size, and it self adjusts.

More importantly, having the right tap or die can mean the difference between an extra few minutes fixing threads, or a ruined weekend of broken off, cross threaded fasteners. And speaking of broken off fasteners, Eastwood has you covered there too; our screw extractors are some of the best on the market. Their extra large heads make it easy to apply the leverage you need to get out almost any screw or bolt.