How to Use Urethane Candeez

Eastwood’s Candeez Paints combine brilliant "candy" colors with advanced high-solids 2K urethane technology. This system is completely interchangeable and provides full control to customize and create unique artwork. Formulated with special high-grade automotive pigments rather than dyes, Eastwood’s Candeez won’t fade out in the sun and are much easier to apply, since there’s no bleeding between coats like other candy systems. This system is National Rule Compliant (Topcoat, single-stage; Max. VOC 5.0 lbs./gal.).



This product was designed, and is intended solely, for use by trained professionals. Read all warning statements and heed all recommended safety precautions before proceeding.

DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM WITHOUT SUFFICIENT VENTILATION. Users must wear an appropriate, properly fitted, NIOSH-approved, activated-charcoal cartridge respirator if a forced fresh-air system is not available. Always wear eye and face protection, as well as gloves and protective clothing. Do not use this product, or be exposed to spray mist/vapors, if you have respiratory problems. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

This system comprises multiple components. Once mixed, this system will have hazards of all components. Read warnings on all packages before opening.



Suitable substrates include: Eastwood Epoxy Primer, Eastwood 2K Urethane Primer, and other properly prepared factory finishes.

When painting over existing finishes or cured undercoat products, first clean the surface with PRE Painting Prep, our specially-formulated blend of solvents designed to remove tar, wax, grease, road grime, silicone, buffing compound and other surface contaminates.

Next, abrade surface to be painted with 400-600-grit sandpaper. Finally, re-clean with PRE or other comparable surface wash product to remove any debris before application.



Thoroughly mix 4 parts Candeez color or Silver Metallic base paint with 1 part Urethane/Ceramic Activator. No additional reduction is required. Use caution in mixing materials since urethane paint may begin to gel after two or three hours (at 70°F).

A Fish-Eye Eliminator designed for use in urethane products may be added, but only if fisheyes are found to be present. Follow additive manufacturer’s instructions for specific mixing instructions.





Candeez colors may be applied over any of Eastwood’s urethane finishes, but for the most dramatic effect, apply over Silver Metallic Base.

Apply in medium wet coats as necessary to achieve coverage. Allow 10 minutes flash between coats. Even passes with a consistent overlap are important to prevent irregularities in the Silver Metallic Base. Two to three coats should be sufficient. A final dry drop coat may be applied over a wet surface to help even out any mottling.

After Silver Metallic Base is dry to the touch, but before an 18-hour window has passed, apply Candeez colors in even wet coats, allowing at least 10 minutes flash between each. Consistent application technique and even spray pattern is critical to prevent striped or spotty effects.

Candeez colors will appear light after first coat. Color will intensify with each additional coat, getting progressively darker/richer. Color samples represent approximately 3-4 coats of Candeez, applied over Silver Metallic Base. More coats will result in a darker color; fewer coats leads to a lighter shade.

Paint should be dust-free within 10-15 minutes, and tack-free within one hour (at 70°F). Recoat or clearcoat anytime after the previous coat has flashed, or before 18 hours. After 18 hours, paint should be abraded prior to recoating for proper adhesion. Allow eight hours before taping out graphics or wet sanding.



Make sure all containers are sealed tightly immediately after each use. Gun and equipment may be cleaned with Eastwood's Aerosol-Injected Cleaner or other appropriate solvent.



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