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Gold Cadmium Paint

How to Use Eastwood's "Golden CAD" Plating Kit

This new acrylic enamel 3-step Golden Cad System (#10349Z) with Diamond Clear has been designed to achieve a more realistic effect than our original Golden Cad System. Withstands temperatures up to 250 degrees F. Produces a natural 30% gloss (90% with Diamond Clear Gloss top coat). Can be used on most parts without expensive replacement or replating. Provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. Includes Gold Base, Red Zinc, Green Zinc and a can of (10200Z) Diamond Clear Gloss for Bare Metal for increased shine and durability. 12 oz net wt. aerosol cans (enough to cover 6 sq. ft.).

Replicating Gold Cadmium Plating

First, practice the application technique on some discarded coffee, vegetable, soup or juice cans. Spray the gold base, thinly, on the bare metal. The paint is only semi-opaque, to allow the metal to shine through the way real plating would.

Next, after the Gold is applied to your satisfaction and is dry, LIGHTLY spray some of the red tint from about twelve inches away in a random mist. Do it in one quick light pass just enough to mist a little onto the gold surface. Next, mist the green the same way. It is important not to put too much red and green on it.

After it is thoroughly dry, at least 15 minutes, protect it with a coat of the Eastwood Diamond Clear which is included.