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Welding Clamps and Tools

Eastwood Perfect Panel Prep Tool, Intergrip Panel Clamps, Cleco Blind Holding Clamps, Mig Welding Pliers and Locking Clamps

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Designed to help you through specialized MIG welding tasks
Only $15.99
Industrial quality bench mounted 8 inch vise at a DIY user friendly price
Only $179.99
Industrial quality bench mounted 6 inch vise at a DIY user friendly price
Only $124.99
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Eastwood DIY Welding Authority

Eastwood Welding Supplies

Part of a good welding job is having the right tools for holding and securing your metal pieces. Loose panels and bars can quickly lead to sloppy welds or parts that don't fit quite the way they're supposed to. Eastwood welding equipment will help you do your work quickly and accurately. These durable tools can be used for all aspects of your vehicle or motorcycle to make better welds.

Welding Clamps & Holders

All sorts of tools are in stock for holding parts in place. From basic C-clamps and vise grips to exclusive MIG pliers, has the right holders for you. Order a corner vise for miter and T joints, a panel holding system for sheet metal parts, plug weld pliers for filling small holes or a solid rivet kit for joining panels while they're on the car. Speaking of kits, we have complete spot welding kits to make this tough torch- or MIG-welding task easier. There are also several welding tables to choose from that give you a stable place to work.

Specialty Welding Tools

If you can think of a tool that would aid you in welding, our R&D team has likely thought of it before and made a high-quality version of it. Having trouble with burn-through on sheet metal welds? Our magnetic copper backing plates will shield the surface you're working on. Need a better way to install or remove grip holders? A set of panel-holding compression pliers are purpose-designed for this task. Finding welder's helper spoons for fixing small holes or pneumatic panel prep tools for setting a great edge on your butt welds. Our welding carts are popular as well for adding portability to MIG and TIG units.

Outfit Your Welding Shop

Build a well-equipped station with the help of Eastwood so you can do every welding job right. Get your next welding clamp kit or shop toolset with a one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects. You'll always have the right alignment and grip for quality welding with our supplies.


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