MIG Welder Buyers Guide

MIG Welder Buyers Guide

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Eastwood MIG Car Welder Buying Guide

Many DIY metal fabricators new and old choose MIG welders for their autobody work. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is the easiest method to learn and produces great welds fast. Add in the lower machine cost, and MIG auto welding is a clear choice especially among less skilled welders.

Once you’ve decided on this process, though, you still need to choose the correct welder to fit your needs. Our buyer’s guide will help you select the best welder for auto body repairs and custom fabrication. For this guide, we primarily focus on Eastwood welder options; however, many similar welders are available from Lincoln Electric and other brands.

Best Car Welder for Light Welding

The Eastwood MIG 90 and MIG 140 are great introductory welders for mild and stainless steel. The MIG 90, which a great welder to try MIG welding, can be used on steel up to 1/8” thick with standard 120V household current. The MIG 140 is an updated IGBT inverter welder that weighs less than 25 pounds for portability and definitely steps up the performance and features. If you want to try other techniques, it’s also offered as a multi-process welder that can do MIG, TIG and stick welding.

Mid-Level Welding Machine

The Eastwood MIG 180 lets you get a little more serious about metal fabrication and can weld up to 5/16” thick steel using a 240V current, or 3/16” on 120V current since it is a dual-voltage machine. You can order the portable MIG 180 with a spool gun for welding aluminum and can use it for flux-core welding. The Eastwood Elite MP200i offers similar power in a multi-process unit.

Advanced MIG Auto Welding

Use the Eastwood MIG 250 for professional-quality work. It can weld steel ranging from 20-gauge to ½” thick plates with an infinitely adjustable 50-250 amp range. Long torch and ground cables help you reach projects easily. Even on the maximum setting, the MIG 250 has a 60% duty cycle so fewer breaks are needed.

Whichever Eastwood MIG welder you choose, you’ll have the confidence of a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. To find more information about the best welder for automotive use, read our MIG Welder Comparison in the Eastwood Garage along with dozens of other welding articles.

What You Need To Know When Buying A MIG Welder

When somebody is looking to do their own auto body work, MIG welders are one of the first tools they should look at owning. MIG welding is very easy to learn and a MIG welder is a must-have for auto restoration or any type of metal fab, which is probably why you're considering purchasing a MIG. If you're not sure what exactly you need, we're going to help you select the right machine for your job. Our MIG welders buying guide primarily looks at the MIG 90, MIG 140, MIG 180 and MIG 250, which are designed specifically for this type of welding. If you're looking for a multi-process machine that will allow you to not only MIG weld, but also give you the option of stick and TIG welding, those units are also available at Eastwood.