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Plasma Cutter Parts & Consumables

Plasma cutters go through steel so easily its like magic. But, do a lot of plasma cutting and you'll need to replace nozzles, electrodes, and other consumable parts eventually to keep making clean accurate cuts. Eastwood has your back, and we carry all the parts you are ever likely to need for our Versa-Cut 40 and Versa-Cut 60 plasma cutters. We've even got complete replacement torch assemblies. Browse this whole section for all the welding parts and accessories you'll need.

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Plasma Cut 20 Electrodes (5pk)
Only $19.99
Plasma Cut 20 Cutting Tip (10pk)
Only $24.99
Plasma Cut 20 Air Diffuser (2pk)
Only $24.99
Plasma Cut 20 External Nozzle (2pk)
Only $39.99
Plasma 40 Outer Nozzle CB50
Only $26.99
Plasma 40 Electrode CB50
Only $24.99
Plasma Cutter Nozzle CB50/70 1.0mm
Only $22.99
Plasma Cutter Nozzle CB50/70 0.8mm
Only $21.99
Plasma Cutter Air Diffuser CB50/70
Only $24.99
Plasma 60 Electrode CB70
Only $28.99
Plasma 60 Outer Nozzle CB70
Only $40.99
Plasma 60 Wire Guide CB70
Only $23.99
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