Versa-Cut Plasma Cutters

Eastwood Versa-Cut 20, 40, and 60 Plasma Cutters

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MIG, TIG, STICK Weld and Cut Metal

Starting at: $1,449.98

15 Amps output cuts up to 1/8" 110v input
Only $399.99
40 Amps output cuts up to 3/8" 110/220v input
Only $549.99
60 Amps output cuts up to 7/8" 220v input
Only $749.99
Save when you buy them as a set for all your welding and cutting jobs

Starting at: $849.98

BIG savings on our Plasma Cutter and TIG Welder Kit!

Starting at: $1,449.98

Buy Both a Welder and Plasma Cutter at a Discount

Starting at: $1,064.56

Eastwood Sheet Metal Fab Kit includes MIG 135 Welder, Versa Cut 20 Plasma Cutter and Cart

Starting at: $759.97

Eastwood TIG 200, Plasma Cutter 60 and Cart Kit

Starting at: $1,549.97

MAJOR savings on our TIG Welder, Plasma Cutter & Cart Kit!

Starting at: $1,160.16

MIG 250 Plasma 60 and Cart

Starting at: $1,699.97

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Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutters can cut thin sheet metal up to 7/8" plate steel. The Eastwood Versa-Cut 20 can cut up to 1/8" thick metal and is great for patch panel and sheet metal work. The Vera-Cut 40 cuts up to 3/8" and is perfect for medium duty fabrication. The Vera-Cut 60 can cut through up to 7/8" plate and is a must have for heavy fabrication work.

Which Eastwood Plasma Cutter is the right one for you?

The video below can help you decide what Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter will best work for your needs. In the video it compares the differences between the Eastwood Versa-Cut 20, Versa-Cut 40 and Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutters.


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