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Learn More About Plasma Cutting

Getting a great weld starts with having two good pieces of metal to join together. Eastwood Versa-Cut plasma cutters are designed for effortlessly slicing ferrous and non-ferrous metals so you can fabricate them as needed. These cutters use an electric arc to heat up a high-speed cutting gas, converting it into a plasma form that cuts through molten metal cleanly and quickly. For precision metal work in straight lines, angles or curves, shop Eastwood to get professional quality at a DIY price.

How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

Plasma Cutters are sort of like metal cutting wizardry the first time you use one. With recent improvements in technology plasma cutters the size of a lunch box can cut through incredibly thick pieces of metal. The plasma cutting process is pretty genius in how it works and we often get tech calls asking the science behind how they work so we decided to break it down a simple as possible for anyone wondering.....READ MORE

Plasma Cutter FAQ’s

What is air plasma? – Air plasma is super-heated, electrically charged air. Typically the air from a compressor is passed through a plasma cutter where it is focused and given an electrical charge, which also makes it extremely hot. The hot, charged air can then cut anything which conducts electricity....READ MORE

5 Tips to Make your Plasma Cutter Work Better

Plasma cutting seems easy right? Pull the trigger, make some sparks, cut some metal, easy as pie! Well it can be quite simple, but there are a few things that can cause your plasma to underperform. Below we cover 5 tips to allow you to cut any metal with ease....READ MORE

How to Diagnose a Sick Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters work by sending a pressurized “gas” (in our case compressed air), through a small channel. In the center of this channel, you’ll find a negatively charged electrode. When you apply power to the negative electrode, and you touch the tip of the nozzle to the grounded metal (or a pilot arc touches), the connection creates a circuit. A powerful spark is generated between the electrode and the metal. As the inert gas passes through the channel, the spark heats the gas until it reaches the fourth state of matter. This reaction creates a stream of directed plasma, approximately 30,000 F and moving at 20,000 feet per second that reduces metal to molten slag....READ MORE

How to Channel a Ford Model A

In one of our last big projects we showed you how we built a simply hot rod chassis from scratch for a 1930 Ford Model A Coupe I’ve been gathering parts for. With the chassis welded up and rolling I was ready to start channeling the body down over the frame to give the car a lower overall profile. I’m building this car as a traditional Hot Rod in an “East Coast” style. ...READ MORE

Plasma Cutter Consumables What You’ll Need

Plasma cutters cut so easily they seem like magic; even their name sound like something from a science fiction story. But they are real, and in the past 15 years the prices have come down to the point that nearly every shop has one, from the hard working professionals to the weekend warriors. In order to keep your plasma cutter working like a high tech X-acto knife, and not a rusty hatchet, you need to periodically replace the consumables to keep the arc consistent and the air focused....READ MORE

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15 Amps output cuts up to 1/8" 110v input
Only $399.99
40 Amps output cuts up to 3/8" 110/220v input
Only $549.99
60 Amps output cuts up to 7/8" 220v input
Only $749.99
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