Dent Removal Stud Welders

Eastwood offers may ways to do body work and remove dents with Stud Welders from self contained welding units to attachments you can add to your MIG Welder.

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Utilizes a wider range of draw pins for greater versatility
Only $369.99
Stud Welder 2.5mm Draw Pins pack/500
Only $19.99
Pulls-out minor dings, dents precisely; works with 2.0 to 2.6mm pins
Only $37.99
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Conventional dent pullers require that you drill a series of holes in the sheet metal to make your dent repair, but that can weaken the panel. Stud welding makes more sense. Our stud welder systems each have a stud gun welder that spot-welds a series of pins onto the surface of the dented metal. Then use a slide puller to pull the pins that pull the dent out. Once the dent has been repaired, simply snip off the pins, then grind off the remainder. The result is a professional-looking dent repair that requires minimal filler. Our welding supplies include additional draw pins and replacement parts.


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