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Eastwood DIY Welding Authority

Stud Guns for Dent Removal

An Eastwood stud welder is the smart way to keep your body panels smooth and dent-free. While stud welding began as a way to attach permanent studs, it has become a useful way to remove dents from sheet metal. Being able to get rid of them without drilling holes preserves the strength of the panel for future use. We have several ways to do a professional-level dent repair job on a street car, race car or vintage restoration piece.

Quality Stud Welder Systems

Permanently fixing your dents starts with the right stud gun. We carry stud welders from Motor Guard and H&S Autoshot plus our own dent pulling systems. These powerful tools come with draw pins and pullers for working with dents of different sizes. If you have a MIG welder; you don't even need a separate stud gun; simply add our MIG Stud Welding Kit.

Each of these systems works by spot-welding the draw pins onto the surface of a dent or pull crease. You then use the slide puller to pull the pins outward. Doing so pulls the dent out as well. Cut off the pins, grind off any remaining excess metal and use filler as needed. This 3-step process is all you need for a dent-free ride.

Pins & Stud Pullers

Eastwood also has stud welder accessories for getting more out of your new tools. We sell multiple sizes of draw pins if you regularly need to remove dents from vehicles. Depending on the size of the dent, you can get a replacement Heavy-Duty Slide Hammer Puller that attaches to the welder or a small Handheld Stud Puller. Stud welders also work well if you want to use Trim Rivets for attaching trim clips, and we stock all the add-ons needed for this task.

Expert Dent Repair

Our stud gun dent removal systems are made to the quality level that people have expected from Eastwood since 1978. Our tech team is available seven days a week online or in-store to answer your questions and help you remove every unwanted bend and crease from your car.


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