Welding Surface Preparation Tools

Welding Surface Preparation

Dirty or rusty metal can ruin a welding project before it even starts. But you won't have to worry about that when you use our selection of welding surface prep tools. Eastwood designs and stocks all the products you need to get steel or aluminum ready for the high heat of a welder. Add them to your toolbox today and make sure the first step of your next refinishing task is a good one.

Paint & Rust Removal Supplies

The two biggest enemies of a high-quality weld are old paint and rust. We've developed several products to effectively remove these materials without compromising the overall quality of the metals. The Eastwood Contour surface conditioning tool is an adjustable way to quickly remove paint and surface rust while giving it a good finish for welding. Use our stainless steel brush metal strippers for getting in tight corners. Our flap discs are a superior alternative to regular grind discs as their design means less warping and gouging.

Metal Cleaning & Post-Welding Tools

Once the paint and rust are gone, there's still work to do. Metal cleaners will get rid of grease, stains and corrosion that can affect the structural integrity of your work. You can't forget about protecting nearby surfaces either. Products such as welding anti-spatter and anti-heat compounds will help prevent nearby metals or equipment from getting damaged. Once you've completed the fabrication, we have after-weld panel prep cleaners, self-etching primers and other sprays formulated for welded surfaces. These will get the beads ready for painting or powder coating and help the finish adhere to the metal.

Prepare Your Surfaces for Every Step

Don't get so caught up looking beneath the surface that you forget about how important the surface itself is. Eastwood welding preparation supplies will get your metal panels or parts ready so you just have to worry about making good welds. If you're not sure what you need for gear, contact us by phone or email to speak with a DIY welding expert.

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Eastwood offers you several different metal-prep options, from paint strippers that remove paint, and chemicals that clean metal and remove rust from metal, to steel brushes and grinding flap discs that do the same job with a bit more "elbow grease." You'll also find aerosol and brush-on primers that help prepare surface for paint, and other specialty chemicals that help prevent welding spatter from adhering to surrounding metalwork, and prevent welding heat damage. After welding, our After-Weld preps the weld beads for proper paint adhesion.


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