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Welding Surface Preparation Tools

Surface preparation is only the first step in a professional welding or auto body refinishing job, but it's a darn important step too! Eastwood has all the products that you will need to clean and prep your metal surface before welding.

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Great for cleaning or prepping metal surfaces for welding.
Only $10.99
Works with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and other coatings
Only $15.99
Combines benefits of a weld-thru and traditional self-etch primer
Only $13.99
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Eastwood offers you several different metal-prep options, from paint strippers that remove paint, and chemicals that clean metal and remove rust from metal, to steel brushes and grinding flap discs that do the same job with a bit more "elbow grease." You'll also find aerosol and brush-on primers that help prepare surface for paint, and other specialty chemicals that help prevent welding spatter from adhering to surrounding metalwork, and prevent welding heat damage. After welding, our After-Weld preps the weld beads for proper paint adhesion.


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