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How To TIG Weld

If you need the highest-quality finish for your metal work, use TIG welders that are up to the challenge. Tungsten inert gas welding involves using a non-consumable tungsten electrode and welding rod to practically melt two pieces of metal together. While it requires more time and a skilled hand, this process will produce a superior-looking result without needing to sand or grind.

How to TIG weld Aluminum

Today we’re going to give a crash course in TIG welding aluminum and hopefully we can help you pick up some tips along the way. TIG welding aluminum it’s something that a lot of beginners have problems with when starting out. We’ve seen welders returned because the user thought it wasn’t working correctly when it was an incorrect setting or technique issue. I’m going to try and show you the proper technique when you’re welding aluminum and some tips for beginners.....READ MORE

5 TIG Welder Upgrades you Can Afford

The nice thing about the influx of guys and gals with TIG welders at home is that we are able to fill out or line of TIG accessories. This allows you to customize your welder to fit your needs (and budget). Once you get the process down you can quickly learn what add-ons will help you make a nicer weld.....READ MORE

How to Fabricate HD Threaded Inserts

Recently when channeling my Ford Model A I wanted to use Grade 8 fasteners for all of the body mounts instead of just tapping threads into the frame or inserting rivnuts that could fail over time. First of all the 1/4″ wall of the tubing wasn’t really thick enough to give sufficient threads to hold the weight and twist of the body from normal driving. We came up with a slick solution and figured we’d share.....READ MORE

Defining Tungsten Types

One of the defining elements of TIG welding is the Tungsten. In fact that is what the first letter in TIG stands for: Tungsten Inert Gas. TIG uses an inert gas to shield the weld (typically Argon), a filler rod of a metal that matches what you are welding, and an electrode made of Tungsten that focuses and directs the arc. All TIG electrodes are more than 95% Tungsten, which is a rare metal used because it is hard and has one of the highest melting points of any metal. There are at least 5 distinct types of “Tungstens”, as most people call them, typically color coated based on how much of what other elements have been added....READ MORE

Quick Tungsten Setup Tips

When you’re a beginner at TIG Welding there’s a lot of steps to go through to lay a nice weld down. Getting a setting incorrect, or setting something up just a little off can be the difference between a gray mess of bird-turd welds and rainbow colored stacks of dimes. It’s no secret TIG welding takes A LOT of practice and even with a perfectly setup machine it won’t replace repetition and practice....READ MORE

How to Build a Custom Tailgate

Possibly the biggest undertaking yet on this truck was making the new custom bed for Project Pilehouse. To quote Ron Covell in a metal shaping class at Eastwood headquarters; “I think those bedsides were the single largest pieces I’ve ever seen bead rolled in my life!”. The bed was definitely the largest part of a vehicle I’ve fabricated from scratch....READ MORE

TIG Welding FAQ

What is TIG welding? - TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas. Unlike MIG or ARC welding, TIG uses an electrode separate from the filler material. This electrode is called the tungsten, and different varieties of them have different welding characteristics. The inert gas is typically Argon, or sometimes Helium or a mixture....READ MORE

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