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Portable Welding Carts

Bring the workspace to your body fabrication projects with an affordable welding cart. The guys and gals at Eastwood know that it can be hard to move panels and roll cages around a shop. A rolling DIY welding cart offers convenience for metal fabricators. Simply set your Eastwood welder on the cart's shelf and wheel it over the project. They're made of heavy gauge steel, can be assembled with basic hand tools and include safety chains to prevent welders from falling off.

Welding Machine Cart Solutions

Eastwood sells half a dozen different styles of welding carts for your unique needs. The MIG welding cart holds all models of Eastwood welders along with the Versa 40 plasma cutter. Why are these welding carts angled? Because doing so allows better visibility of the welder controls. Our Eastwood MIG-TIG Welder & Plasma Cutter Welding Cart is a three-shelf solution that lets you put the welding machine on the top, the plasma cutter on the bottom and tools in the middle.

Universal welding carts offer even more options. There's the Professional Welding Cart with two shielding gas bottle holders and consumables trays. If space is an issue, get the low-profile welding cart that easily navigates tight areas. Both the Eastwood Toolbox Welding Cart and Welding Cart with Drawers emphasize storage, keeping your machinery and shop tools in one unit. The drawers on the latter cart are removable if you ever need to tote multiple welders.

Carts That Fit Your Welding

With so many great choices, we understand if you're having trouble deciding. That's where Eastwood's welding experts can help. We've worked with a lot of carts over the years, and we can tell you which design features are best for certain tasks. Once you've purchased the right cart, we'll continue to be at your service with free lifetime tech support.