Eastwood MIG Welder Accessories Buyers Guide

Everything That You Will Need For MIG Welding

Now that you’ve got yourself a MIG welder, or you’re in the process of buying a MIG, let’s go over some of the items you’ll need for MIG welding and some items you may want that will help make the job easier.

The items I recommend getting right away are a welding jacket, helmet, gloves and cart. You’ll want a welding jacket to protect you and your clothes from sparks and bright light. You’ll need a welding helmet to protect your eyes and face. I recommend an auto dimming helmet, which have been the most popular style for years. Because they allow you to look through the lens as you prepare to weld rather than having to flip it down right before you strike an arc. An Extra Large View helmet is nice because it has a larger viewing area than most helmets, making it good for tight areas. We even offer a Panoramic helmet with an awesome 180 degree viewing area. Another great feature is that many of our helmets come with True Color Technology which allows you to work with improved clarity, making them great helmets for MIG and TIG welding.

You’ll also want a nice, comfortable set of gloves to protect your hands. We offer a few styles and thicknesses. Just grab the pair that meets your needs. If you’re doing a lot of continuous welding, you will probably want a thicker pair because there will likely be more heat.

Finally, a welding cart will not only hold your welder and supplies, but it will also safely secure the gas bottle. Remember, the bottle must be secured. Never let your bottle stand free. We offer a few styles of carts that will hold a welder and plasma cutter or even our pro welding cart that will hold two welders and two gas bottles, which is great if you have a MIG and TIG welder because you can keep them both on a single cart with the bottles for each secured and connected to the machines.

Now let’s go over a few things that you may want to have around when you’re welding. A consumables kit is great because it will keep you welding when your tips wear out, which is going to happen over time. Same with a spool of wire. You don’t want to run out of wire in a middle of a project. Plus, it’s nice to have a couple sizes of wire on the cart depending on the thickness of metal you’re welding. Grab yourself a few inside and outside lenses for your welding helmet so you can replace them when they get scratched or covered in welding spatter. If you’re having trouble seeing when you’re welding, you may need to replace the lens and you’ll be surprised how much better you will see. A set of MIG pliers are great not only for cutting the wire to the exact stickout length, which is why they’re offset about a quarter inch, but also for removing the nozzle and tips when they need to be replaced.

A welding blanket will protect areas where you’re working, and you can also use them when plasma cutting. A MIG light is great for dark areas or if you’re under a car where it’s tough to see and get good light. Finally, a helmet bag and welder cover will keep your supplies clean from dust and debris in your shop, which is really nice if you do a lot of other work like grinding, painting, powder coating or bodywork like sanding filler.

I hope this helped you with everything you need for MIG welding. And don’t forget Eastwood offers many more items to make welding easier like copper backers, stitch weld magnets, panel holding systems, weld thru primer and more. Eastwood – Since 1978.

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Kit includes 2 gas nozzles and 20 contact tips

Only $28.99

Sale $24.97

Now spot-weld with your Eastwood welder or Tweco®-style MIG torch

Only $34.99

Sale $29.97

The Eastwood MIG Stud Welding Kit transforms your MIG welder into a Stud Welder
Only $99.99
Eastwood MIG 250 Consumable Kit

Only $31.99

Sale $29.97

Spool Gun for MIG175 Metal plug
Only $215.99
Designed to help you through specialized MIG welding tasks
Only $13.99
Panoramic Welding Helmet is a true 180 degree viewing area.
Only $199.99
Large View True Color Technology One of the best helmets on the market for the price.
Only $69.99
Large View True Color Technology One of the best helmets on the market for the price.
Only $109.99
LED light helps you see what you're welding in tight, dark areas

Only $34.99

Sale $31.97

Transport a MIG welder or Plasma 40, gas bottle, accessories

Only $59.99

Sale $54.97

Easiest way to achieve a perfect butt weld joint every time!

Only $59.99

Sale $49.97

Use this 0.030" solid MIG wire with our 0.030" contact tips #12224
Only $15.99
Radnor MIG Wire Spool 0.030 Inch
Only $44.99
Radnor MIG Wire Spool 0.035 Inch
Only $44.99
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