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Safety & Protection

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Eastwood Welding Protection Equipment

Whether you're doing TIG, MIG, stick or flux welding, you need the right safety gear. Heat, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and spatter from can cause lasting damage to both you and to other shop equipment. At Eastwood, we carry a big assortment of welding safety equipment that will protect everyone and everything in the shop. In addition to our own protective gear developed by current and former welders, we offer products from Tillman, Gerson, Steck and other trusted brands.

Eastwood DIY Welding Authority

Safety Apparel & Accessories

By wearing sturdy, comfortable welding apparel, you'll be ready for any fabrication project. We make a variety of Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets that adjust from clear to dark in a fraction of a second to shield your eyes. True color technology gives you an accurate picture of your weld-in-progress. Cover your hands with heat-resistant welding gloves and use a TIG finger for long passes. An Eastwood Welding Jacket will protect your arms and torso from burns. If you're using plasma cutters, we have plasma shades, cut-resistant gloves and respirators designed for the task.

Welding Shop Gear

Our affordable supplies can save you big money later in equipment or medical expenses. Sometimes you have no choice but weld in a tight space - but by covering nearby materials with a fiberglass welding blanket, you won't have to worry about spatter dames. Our MIG LED lights promote safety and accuracy by helping you see in dark areas. You'll want to protect your welding equipment as well with the right welding bag. Get a welding hood bag to cover up your unit when not in use or a welding helmet bag to prevent scratches and dirt build-up on headgear.

The Proper Safety Equipment You Need

Anytime you're working with molten metal, taking care of you and your shop space is paramount. Eastwood cares about your wellbeing and will assist you in getting the right welding safety supplies so you can handle serious jobs. Everything you order comes with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and our no-hassle returns.