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Remove Spot Welds With Eastwood

If you ever need to remove spot welds from your body panels, use a spot weld cutter from our inventory to do so quickly and cleanly. Spot-welding is the universally accepted way to attach sheet metal to cars. But it can be a real bear to remove these welds you ever need to repair or replace panels. These spot weld cutters are designed to carve right through the joints on thin metals without needing to spend lots of time grinding afterward.

Eastwood DIY Welding Authority

Spot Welding Drills

Despite its common name, a spot weld cutting tool is actually a type of drill. The most effective way to remove this weld is to bore right through it. An Eastwood spot weld drill is designed for this singular task. Unlike other options that require long, monotonous work, these drills will quickly punch out the weld in a safe manner. Features such as automatic bit advance, adjustment for cutting depth and fast replacement make our tools the leading choice for DIY bodywork.

Replacement Drill Bits

Whatever size weld was used on your car's body panels, we have a spot weld drill bit that will fit. These special bits are manufactured using materials such as high-speed steel and cobalt so they can cut through hundreds of welds. Many of our spot weld bits have a small "pilot bit" that self-centers to keep the bit from skipping or wandering off course. Double-ended spot weld cutters allow you to drill double the holes with multi-layer panels. Pick up a spot weld cutter kit to get several bit sizes in a protective case.

Quick & Accurate Body Work

Whether you're taking a body panel off a car to work out it or replace it, you can do the job right with spot weld drills and cutters from Eastwood. We offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and full warranty on all of our removal tools. You'll get the welds removed hassle-free so you can start on the more enjoyable parts of auto work.