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Better TIG Welds in Seconds! Works with 1/16” and 3/32” tungsten’s

Starting at: $99.97

TIG 200 Foot Pedal Metal plug
Only $68.99
Ideal for low amperage welding in tight spaces
Only $76.99
Perfect 220V welding extension cord that meets all industry and customer standards.
Only $124.99
Great for cleaning or prepping metal surfaces for welding.
Only $12.99
Corner Magnet kit
Only $35.99
Works with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and other coatings
Only $17.99
Now you can "spot weld" with your TIG welder

Only $32.99

Sale $28.97

Eastwood ARC Welder TIG Welding Torch
Only $104.99
2 replacement nozzles for TIG Spot Weld Kit #14150
Only $12.99
Complete kit of consumables for WP-17-style torches
Only $38.99
Torch replaces the original TIG200 AC/DC torch
Only $101.99
Stops most hot spatter from burning nearby materials during welding
Only $54.99
Small Welding Jig
Only $8.99
Hands-free support when doing butt-welding or welding holes
Only $49.99
Fill holes in sheet metal without burn-thru; 1-5/16" x 6-1/8"
Only $14.99
Tapers down from 2-1/2" over its 7-1/4" length
Only $25.99
TIG 200 ACDC cover
Only $23.99
Ground Cable 200 Amp DINSE
Only $23.99
• 12 Gauge 100% Copper Wire • Weather & Oil Resistant • Flexible and Tangle Free

Only $45.99

Sale $34.97

Turn your work stand into a welding table or cutting table, or both!

Starting at: $67.99

Eastwood MP250i Welder Ground Cable
Only $32.99
WP26V TIG torch for the Eastwood MP250i
Only $107.99
Replacement switch for TIG torch
Only $11.99
Work anywhere in the shop keeping your welder or plasma cutter in its place.
Only $29.99
10 Foot Welder Ground Extension 35-50 Dinse
Only $35.99
TIG Torch with 5 pin connector
Only $69.99
Easiest way to achieve a perfect butt weld joint every time!

Only $69.99

Sale $54.97

Provides a perfectly beveled 45° to achieve solid, full-penetration welds.
Only $34.99
Adjust your welding angle to get into the perfect position
Only $79.99
One gauge can regulate CO2 and argon for our MIG welders
Only $39.99
Eastwood 220V 40 Ft Welder Extension Cord
Only $199.99
Weld Monger TIG Finger
Only $16.99
Rocker style, precision foot pedal control for 12746 Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC
Only $115.99
Supple leather gloves have extended cuffs to shield wrist when welding

Starting at: $19.99

Premium top Grain TIG Welding Gloves

Starting at: $16.99

Eastwood Welding Flow Meter
Only $69.99
Rocker style, precision foot pedal control for 14100 Eastwood TIG 200 DC & 20565 TIG AC/DC
Only $115.99
Gas lens improves shielding gas coverage
Only $40.99
Improves shielding gas coverage by distributing shielding gas around the tungsten

Only $40.99

Sale $24.97

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