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Eastwood TIG Welder Accessories Buyers Guide

Everything You Need For TIG Welding

Now that you've got yourself a TIG welder, or if you're in the process of buying a new TIG, there are a few other things you're going to need. Wear and tear are inevitable for certain parts of your welder due to the type of work you're doing. You also need the right welding safety accessories so you can continue to use your machine without injury. Let's go over some of the items you'll need for TIG welding along with some items you may want that will help make the job easier.

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Better TIG Welds in Seconds! Works with 1/16ā€ and 3/32ā€ tungstenā€™s
Only $109.99
Complete kit of consumables for WP-17-style torches
Only $38.99
Improves shielding gas coverage by distributing shielding gas around the tungsten
Only $40.99
Gas lens improves shielding gas coverage
Only $40.99
Now you can "spot weld" with your TIG welder
Only $32.99
Adjust your welding angle to get into the perfect position
Only $79.99
TIG Torch with 5 pin connector
Only $69.99
Rocker style, precision foot pedal control for 14100 Eastwood TIG 200 DC & 20565 TIG AC/DC
Only $115.99
Rocker style, precision foot pedal control for 12746 Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC
Only $115.99
Weld Monger TIG Finger
Only $16.99
TIG 200 Foot Pedal Metal plug
Only $68.99
Ideal for low amperage welding in tight spaces
Only $76.99
Torch replaces the original TIG200 AC/DC torch
Only $101.99
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Essential Safety Equipment for Welding

If you're buying a TIG, you may already have the necessities, but let's check them out real quick before we move on to some cool accessories. The items you need right away are mostly for your safety. They include a welding jacket, helmet, gloves and cart. You'll want a welding jacket to protect yourself from the bright light of TIG welding. Plus, a good welding jacket will also be used when you're MIG welding or plasma cutting. Our flame-resistant and anti-static welding jackets come in several sizes for all your metalworking projects.

Next, you'll need an auto-dimming welding helmet to protect your eyes and face. An Extra Large View helmet is nice because it has a larger viewing area than most helmets, making it good for tight areas. We even offer a panoramic helmet with an awesome 180-degree viewing area. Both of these helmets come with True Color Technology which allows you to work with improved clarity and really see the puddle and filler rod, making them great helmets for TIG welding. We have basic auto darkening and large view welding helmets as well for small projects or DIYers who are on a tight budget.

You'll also want a nice, comfortable set of gloves to protect your hands. We offer a few styles, and you're probably going to want thin TIG gloves that give you the dexterity you need for welding. With a TIG Finger, you can protect your welding fingers from high heat during long passes. Finally, a welding cart will not only hold your welder and supplies so you can wheel them around the shop, but it will also safely secure the gas bottle so it doesn't fall, leak or rupture. We offer a few styles of carts that will hold both a welder and plasma cutter. Our pro welding cart will hold two welders and two gas bottles, which is great if you have a MIG and TIG welder because you can keep them both on a single cart with the bottles for each secured and connected to the machines. A welding cart with drawers is ideal for storing consumable and tools that you might need while you work.

TIG Welding Parts & Supplies

Now let's go over a few things that you may want to have around when you're TIG welding. A welder consumables kit is great because it will keep you welding when your tungsten wears down, or when you need a new nozzle, collet or collet body. Many kits also include extra filler rods, and you can order filler tube packages of different materials and sizes as well. After all, you don't want to run out of filler rods in the middle of a project. Plus, it's nice to have a few sizes of filler rods for different thicknesses of metal as well as some for steel, aluminum and stainless.

A TIG gas lens kit is a good upgrade whether you're a beginner or veteran because it improves shielding gas coverage around the tungsten. It also lets you stick the tungsten out further, which is great for tight spaces. Large packs of replacement gas lens cups are available in several sizes as well if there's a specific type that you use a lot. If you're welding in tight spots or corners, you may want to consider a flex head torch that allows you to be comfortable and get the best welds in almost any position. The Eastwood Tungsten Grinder is another good tool for sharpening your tungsten rod on the fly.

You may also want to get yourself an extension cord in case you're welding a long distance away from an outlet. It's usually a lot easier to move your welder than the entire project. If you want even more precision in your next project, consider a rocker style foot pedal upgrade that is infinitely adjustable and equally comfortable. Finally, a helmet bag and welder cover will keep your supplies clean from dust and debris in your shop. These are really nice if you do a lot of other work like grinding, painting, powder coating or sanding body filler.

Quality Equipment Since 1978

We hope our TIG accessories buying guide helped you decide what you need to go along with your TIG welder and showed you everything you need to start TIG welding today. And don't forget, Eastwood offers many more items to make welding easier like spot weld kits, welding tables, pinch weld clamps, and rocker style foot pedals for TIG welding. Everything we sell comes with our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and free tech support by phone or email.


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