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  • 5 Items your Garage Might be Missing!

    "You can never have too many tools" is a quote you hear a lot of people say. This is true IF you can keep them all organized, a tool hidden in a pile in a drawer that you can find isn't doing anyone any good! Regardless, we decided to put a list of some handy tools and garage accessories that you might be missing for your shop. Feel free to comment below with some of your ideas!
  • The Top Ways to Reduce Road Noise in Your Vehicle

    Most classic car owners want to hear the noise of their exhaust and the "feel" of the road that an old car gives you. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for wearing ear plugs on long trips. There are a few key areas and ways you can reduce the "road noise" in your vehicle. We listed our favorite products and where they can be used to keep your ride quiet on the inside.
  • 5 Tips to Keep you Parts Clean when Powder Coating

    Coating anything requires good prep to assure a flawless finish. This is true for painting with an HVLP Gun, spray paint, or powder coating. Powder Coating adds an extra layer of finish contamination that other coatings do not. That's the need to heat the part and the powder up to allow it to flow out and cure. Funky stuff can start to happen causing issues with the final product. We decided to put together or top five ways to prepare your parts for powder coating. These tips could be the difference between a show-worthy finish and a hack job!
  • Making a Custom Spoon Gas Pedal for a Channeled Hot Rod

    I've heavily modified a set of Ford F1 pedals to work in my channeled car that involved shortening, heating and bending, and reshaping the curves to fit into the car. Now I needed to fit the "GO" pedal in between the transmission tunnel, the pedals, and the steering column tube. I've seen some guys put a step in their tunnel and rest their heel on the tunnel but it just doesn't "flow" like I'd like. Don't get me wrong that method is very function-able, but I wanted a pedal that was correct looking and flowed into the provided space without having to cut up my nice tunnel I made a few months ago.
  • How to Fabricate a Cowl Panel From Scratch

    I somehow ended up with this '29 Model A Roadster carcass I want to build a little replica-racer out of. It was cheap, the bones were there and I figured I could build it up when I found some non-existent free time. I'm a little stubborn and although I could buy an entire new steel replica body, or all of the panels new to make this car all solid again, I'd rather build the panels I need from scratch and bring a close to 90-year old car back from the dead for very little money out of my pocket. I decided I wanted to start in the front of the body and work my way back. The side cowl panels are almost ALWAYS rotted out on the bottom of these cars and after I looked at the remains of the originals I decided I could easily tackle making new panels for only a few bucks in sheet metal.

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