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Abrasive Media Blasting

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Abrasive Blast Equipment

For the best combination of thoroughness, speed and scale, nothing beats using abrasive blasting for DIY metal stripping. These machines will quickly get every particle of rust, corrosion, coatings, grime and other unwanted substances. And they do so in a form that, unlike a tank of rust stripping solvent, will fit in most home shops and garages. Get an Eastwood media blaster and supplies today if you need fast rust and paint removal.

Blasters for All Metal Stripping Needs

There are several solutions for abrasive blasting based on the situation, and Eastwood has you covered for all of them. Our pressure sandblasters are a powerful way to grind rust off of frames, housings, chassis and other heavy-duty parts. For sheet metal and other thin metals, a soda blaster will take off paints without destroying the texture. Blasting cabinets give you all-way small part stripping in an enclosed system to reduce mess. Or you can go for a siphon spot blaster that connects directly to an air compressor for those on a tight budget.

Blasting Media & Accessories

Once you select an Eastwood abrasive blaster, you will also need the right supplies. We stock several types of blasting media for use on various materials. Whether you're stripping aluminum, steel, die-cast metal or just need light rust removal, there's a blaster media that is best. Some machine parts are going to wear out over time, and you can replace them from our inventory of nozzles, dust collectors and other gear. And don't forget proper media blasting safety equipment to protect against dust inhalation and burns.

Power Your Way to Bare Metal

At Eastwood, we're all about doing the job right - and with the right abrasive blasting equipment, you will be as well. Anyone who does auto restorations will eventually need to strip metal, and these blasting systems and supplies are developed with user success in mind. Call us for advice from people who love working on cars and want you that have the right supplies.

It would be great if we could just dip our project cars into a swimming pool sized tank of paint and rust stripper, but that's not something you can do at home. And sandpaper is great, but if you really want to strip all the paint, road grime and rust off of something nothing beats media blasting.

Whether you want to blast rust off frames and chassis with abrasive media, or strip paint off body panels without ruining the smooth texture of the metal with baking soda, Eastwood has you covered. We carry blasting cabinets for small parts to fit the weekend DIY budget or the all day every day duty cycle. Plus we have all the media you will ever need; from blasting powder and waterproof powder, to walnut shells, glass, and more. Eastwood also has replacement parts and more for your blaster, and all the safety gear you need to protect yourself while getting the job done.


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