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Replacement Shock Absorbers

Enjoy more grip on any driving surface by adding QA1 shocks to your track or street car. Shocks, aka shock absorbers or dampers, work to stabilize the vehicle’s movement in all directions. This increases control when turning, accelerating, braking or driving on hills and bumps, making your ride smoother and safer. Conversely, driving on bad shocks can cause bouncing, leaning, longer stopping distances and other hazards.

Whether your shocks are worn-out or you’re looking for an edge, Eastwood has a solution. QA1 high-performance shock absorbers are designed to outperform factory shocks in every environment. Some are stock mount shocks for specific vehicles such as their 1970-81 Chevy Camaro Stocker Star Shocks. Custom mount shock absorbers give racers and hot rodders more control over their suspension setup. Both options offer superior long-lasting control wherever you drive. They’re the same shocks used in many auto racing series, and by shopping at Eastwood, you can put them on your personal car with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Types of Performance Shocks

All QA1 dampers are made of lightweight billet aluminum with bolt-on installation. They make a variety of front and rear shocks for muscle cars, including:

• Non-adjustable shocks that cannot be modified, which are ideal for fixed-setup street cars or racing series that don’t allow adjustable shocks.

• Single-adjustable shocks where you adjust the rebound and compression together to make the damper looser or stiffer.

• Double-adjustable shocks where the rebound and compression can be adjusted independently.

• Coilover shocks combine the shock absorber and a coil spring into a single assembly to give the driver more setup control.

Whichever style you choose, you’ll receive shocks that have been 100% dyno-tested to ensure they meet the industry’s highest performance standards. Most QA1 shocks have a limited lifetime warranty. If there’s a problem, the shocks can be serviced or rebuilt at an authorized service center. Learn more about the importance of good shocks by visiting the Eastwood Garage for expert articles and videos.