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Planishing Hammers

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Pneumatic Planishing Hammer Kits

Sometimes a softer touch is needed when making or fixing body panels. With a planishing hammer from the DIY experts, you'll have the right tool for the smoothest, most minute sheet metal curves. The planishing technique has been used for decades in metalworking for fine shaping and smoothing of a surface. Historically, this was done with manual hammer and stake - but with modern pneumatic planishing hammers, you can perform your finishing much more quickly and efficiently. Eastwood has multiple options for when you need to smooth out welds, remove imperfections, stretch flanges or add a little extra curvature.

Easily Smooth & Form Metals

We have stocked the Woodward Fab planishing hammer kit for many years, and we're proud to have developed our own metal forming unit for those who have requested a less expensive version. Each one has a deep throat to fit large panels with comfortable, stable operation. They will accept most sheet metals and steel up to 18-gauge. The height, lower shaft and head pressure are all adjustable to get the right finishing effect on various parts.

Both hammers include all of the parts and accessories you need to get started and for more experienced fabricators to do advanced work. Whether you choose Eastwood or Woodard, you'll receive a floor stand, an air-powered motor, a foot pedal to operate the motor and multiple anvils to change how much contour you add. The only thing you need to provide is an air compressor to connect to the motor.

Premium Home Auto Shop Tools Since 1978

Eastwood believes that if you're going to work on cars, then you should have everything you need to do quality work. Our planishing hammers live up to our commitment of quality DIY products at affordable prices. If you've never used this tool in your life, then simply call or email us to talk to someone who can help you learn the ropes. And even if you're a planishing veteran, we might have a tip to take it to the next level!