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Eastwood Automotive Books & DVDs

The Eastwood team takes great pride in having the car knowledge to support our tools and equipment. But we also know it's a big help to have that information on the shelf at home ready to look at day or night. Our shop bookstore has an assortment of automotive how-to books and instructional videos that cover topics relevant to DIY auto workers. This media is packed with information and tips that are far more reliable than a short online video or auto forum. Even skilled technicians can sharper their skills and learn new techniques with the right material.

Tips & Techniques from the Experts

The books and DVDs we sell are written, produced and hosted by professional automotive mechanics. People such as Kevin Tetz, Ron Covell, Greg Banish and Chris Werner each have decades of experience working on and writing about cars. Tetz's "Paintucation" video set is a must-have for anyone learning about painting and body restoration. Follow along on six DVDs that cover topics such as metal prep, fiberglass repair, color sanding and body shop basics. We also have videos on basic steel-working techniques and body panel replacement.

Owning a few auto repair books has the added advantage of being able to bring it into the shop or on the road. Eastwood carries several engine books about how to build or rebuild motors, port cylinder heads and fine-tune fuel injection systems. A book can also be the ticket to becoming a skilled powder coater or welder. They contain diagrams, charts, photos, checklists and other things to help guide you.

Detailed Advice That's Guaranteed to Satisfy

Whether you're working on a modern small-block commuter, restoring a muscle car or building a custom hot rod, you can find an automotive resource guide at Eastwood that's packed with valuable information. Our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee means you can send it back if it isn't helping you get better. And unlike a library, you can keep your new car bible forever!