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Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinets

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Our biggest blast cabinet that we offer can handle anything you can throw at it
Only $1,299.99
The Eastwood B60 will give you the professional results that you are looking for.

Starting at: $467.99

Medium sized, use anywhere, Modular Benchtop or Leg Mount design.
Only $319.99
An affordable way to media blast parts without taking up much room in your shop
Only $186.99
Our largest, with 20-cfm gun and 12"x45" window, dust collector
Only $2,299.99
24"x36"x24" interior size Dust Collector included
Only $1,049.99
Replaces the standard trigger operated blast gun
Only $69.99
Extended Legs for Eastwood 20464 Modular Blast Cabinet
Only $57.99
Blast Out of a Bucket Kit
Only $39.99
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When it comes to removing rust and paint, one of the most effective cleaners is actually pretty dirty.

Sandblasting parts is an effective method for stripping parts of hard-to-remove finishes. The simple combination of abrasive media and air makes one of the most efficient strippers available.

If there is a lot of rust removal in your future, you will get a lot of mileage out of one of our abrasive media blasting cabinets, which also eliminates the mess typically associated with abrasive blasting. Made in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, these blasting cabinets come with our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, and will give your garage the power of the pros.

Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinets

If your projects involve lots of smaller parts that need to be absolute clean of all rust and paint, your shop is going to need a blasting cabinet. In fact, any DIY mechanic or professional body shop who regularly needs to strip metal parts clean should have a media blasting cabinet. By placing springs, suspension parts, valve covers and other parts into a cabinet system, you can fully media blast them without taking up a lot of space. Furthermore, these units reduce mess and allow you reuse your blasting media, saving money and clean-up time.

Cabinets for All Restoration Levels

Whatever your restoration needs, available space and budget, there's a media blasting cabinet in our inventory that's just right. Eastwood's selection starts with units small enough and affordable enough for almost any shop space and user. Our blast cabinet models start with small benchtop units that can fit in just a few square feet of space. But we also have huge cabinets with work space bigger than 5-by-4-by-3 feet - big enough to hold entire engine blocks. You can get a machine with a top door, side door or both to slide parts in and out. Our larger cabinets also come with a dust collector so you won't be greeted by a lung-burning haze when you open them up after big jobs.

Eastwood blast cabinets are strong enough for all-day use and incredibly easy to operate. Just fill them up, connect an air compressor, turn them on and aim the blast gun while scouting your work through the viewing window.

Get Started with Expert Assistance

Media blast cabinet systems are made with ease of use in mind. But if you're struggling with setting up your unit, or just need help picking the right product, let us know. Consult our buyers guide to figure out which one is best for your needs. We offer free tech advice by phone or email and all have tutorial videos and articles in our Eastwood garage blog. Our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee is our commitment to you for superior products that make automotive work easier. Shop today for a media blast cabinet, including accessories such as foot pedal guns and leg extenders to customize your equipment.

Since 1978 we've helped the DIY community bring their restoration projects to life with professional-quality auto body tools and supplies, and our abrasive media blasting cabinets are no exception. A critical tool for cleaning rust and paint, an Eastwood cabinet will earn its place in your home workshop and help you finish a countless number of projects.


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