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Epoxy for panel bonding of steel, aluminum, SMC and fiberglass
Only $37.99
Designed for automotive plastic repair and bonding most small plastic, steel and aluminum parts.
Only $39.99
For repairing olefin-based plastics and similar rigid and semi-rigid substrates
Only $39.99
Designed for repairing and bonding most small to medium plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, SMC and fiberglass parts.
Only $45.99
For fast repairs on virtually all plastic bumper covers.
Only $41.99
This is the proper applicator for use when dispensing 7 oz. Dual Mix two-component cartridges.
Only $109.99
Quickly bonds any combination of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and SMC
Only $39.99
Adhesive for quickly bonding metal panels without the use of an external primer.
Only $40.99
Eastwood Hands Free Panel Gap Setting Tool
Only $27.99
Slow-cure epoxy adhesive

Starting at: $23.98

1/8in dia x 5/16in long rivet
Only $17.99
Eastwood Flush rivet set
Only $20.99
1/8 inch x 1/4 inch long gold anodized aluminum countersunk rivets
Only $17.99
Rivet set for 3/16in rivet
Only $14.99
Rivet set for 1/8in rivet
Only $14.99
3/16in dia x 5/16in long rivet
Only $17.99
1/8in dia x 3/16in long rivet
Only $17.99
Rivet bucking bar
Only $26.99
Eastwood Pneumatic Rivet tool
Only $81.99
Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit
Only $211.99
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Auto Body Replacement

Installing new auto body panels on a car is an inevitable part of most restorations. If you've fabricated fresh sheet metal or just need to put a replacement on that you've freshened up, then you will need the right tools and accessories to do it right. Eastwood's body panel installation supplies can be used for full-size panels or patch panels that are going on your latest steed. Back by four decades and counting of DIY knowledge, this equipment will give you secure, properly aligned results.

Body Panel Installation Kits

Get all the materials you need for repairs or replacements with one of our body panel kits. The Eastwood Panel Install Kit includes aluminized sheet metal, pliers and hardware for creating and attaching patch panels, while the separate auto patch panel kit has numerous raw panels that can be cut and formed as needed. A solid rivet kit is a complete solution for attaching full-size panels in a structurally sound way. We even have a no-weld repair kit for plugging small rust holes with minimal surface prep and filler.

Tools & Accessories

Your car will look like it was professionally assembled when you use the right body panel tools. Riveting is still the preferred method for securing thinner sheet metals, and we have many sizes of rivets and blind rivets plus the rivet guns to install them. Get an auto body flange tool for repairing flush panels or a combination flanger and hole punch that creates the rivet holes as well. With panel gap setting tools, plug welding tools, compression pliers, profile gauges and other equipment, there's no shortage of options for any new install.

Easy Body & Patch Panel Work

Just because you know you have to put new panels on doesn't mean it has to be hard. Eastwood wants everybody who does auto body panel work to have the strongest results without back-breaking effort. Call us, stop by one of our stores or pick up our how-to book for tips on doing first-rate body repairs.

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