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Car Polishing Compounds

Vehicle parts old and new will look outstanding when you’re using an Eastwood buffing compound to make them shine. When putting together their car polishing kit, most DIYers focus on the buff motor, wheels and cones. However, choosing the correct compound is an important piece of the puzzle. Eastwood has developed an assortment of polishing compound bricks for every stage of automotive refinishing from rough buffing to the final sheen. These compounds are made in the USA with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Buffing Compound Solutions

We offer more than half a dozen types of car buffing compounds. Here’s an overview of each compound and when to use it for your automotive project:

  • Emory — This metal polishing compound is formulated for fast cutting on hard metals such as steel and iron. It’s best used with Sisal buff wheels.
  • Tripoli — The Tripoli compound is for buffing base metals. Add it to spiral or ventilated wheels for polishing aluminum, copper and brass.
  • White Rouge — Remove light scratches and do final coloring on metal with this buffing compound. It works best with loose and canton flannel wheels.
  • Jeweler’s Rouge — This is the best compound for precious metals such as gold and silver that deserve a brilliant finish.
  • Stainless — Buff stainless, chromium, nickel plate and even some plastics using this stainless steel polishing compound on spiral or ventilated wheels.
  • Plastic — Do cutting and coloring on hard plastics using this compound that works with assorted wheels.
  • Greaseless — Aggressively smooth out rough casting edges prior to the main buffing with greaseless compound in four different grits.

To learn more about our buffing compounds and the metal polishing process, visit the Eastwood Garage or call the tech team at 1-800-343-9353. We are a leader in DIY metal fabrication with the tools, compounds and knowledge you need. Shop online or in-store with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.