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Bench Grinders & Sanders

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Sands, finishes, grinds, sharpens, cleans, deburrs, files
Only $149.99
Ideal for final finishing and deburring of fabricated parts

Starting at: $159.99

Multitool 2 x 36 inch with 1 HP Belt Grinder
Only $449.99
Multitool 2 x 36 inch with 3/4 hp Belt Grinder
Only $389.99
1/2 HP Jet Grinder with Multitool Attachment and Sanding Belts
Only $529.99
1 HP Jet Grinder with Multitool Attachment and Sanding Belts
Only $622.99
MULTITOOL fits all popular brands of bench grinders
Only $218.99
Mitre Attachment for the 2 x 36 Multitool
Only $74.99
The 6 Inch Bench Grinder is the ideal heavy duty grinder for any project
Only $128.31
Belt and Disk Starter Kit for Metal working Buffing and Polishing
Only $64.95
For disc sanders using a 6"-dia. disc
Only $7.99
For disc sanders using a 6"-dia. disc
Only $7.99
For disc sanders using a 6"-dia. disc
Only $7.99
For any belt sander using a 4"x36" belt
Only $8.99
For any belt sander using a 4"x36" belt
Only $8.99
For any belt sander using a 4"x36" belt
Only $8.99
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Bench Grinder & Sander Equipment

Attaching a combination grinder and sander unit to your workbench opens up a number of possibilities for automotive metal work. With both tools in one place, you can sharpen hand tools, bevel edges, de-burr freshly cut metal, flatten new welds, polish parts and a lot more in one place. If you're a regular fabricator, then an Eastwood bench grinder and sander is a must-have tool. Our table grinders and other equipment are developed in-house by people who live and breathe cars. Other models are available from top manufacturers such as Dewalt and Multitool.

All-Purpose Units for Home Shops

There are several options when shopping for grinders and sanders to use. The standard assembly is a bench grinder and belt sander combo with each tool on opposite sides of the motor. A bench grinder with a disc sander on the side of the belt sander is a 3-in-1 metal abrasive solution. The flat plate contact wheel can often be used as abrasive points to give you even more ways of sharpening, cleaning, shaping and polishing metal. These heavy-duty tools secure directly to the workbench so you have access at all times.

Our grinder/sander shop tools come in an assortment of motor, belt and disc sizes depending on how big a project you're taking on. Features such as quick track adjustment and automatic tensioning mean you can focus on your work instead of tweaking equipment. You can order a bench grinder or bench sander as a standalone unit if you already have one of them that you like. Another option is a bench grinder and belt sander attachment, which hooks to most popular 6-inch and 8-inch grinding units.

Metal Working Accessory Kits

Unless you have unbelievably steady hands, a grinder and sander unit is only as good as the accessories you add. We stock replacement sanding belts and disc sander pads in several sizes and grit ratings. With a metalworking starter kit, you'll have the right belts, discs and compounds for doing buffing and polishing as well as sanding. If your unit didn't come with a work surface, add a miter table so there will be a stable place for holding objects as you work on them with the abrasive disc.

Shape & Sharpen at Will

Once you own a bench grinder and sander tool, you can't imagine shop life without it. Eastwood has everything you need to fabricate metal parts and make them look pretty plus knowledgeable service from DIY experts to back them up. All of our branded tools come with a 1-year warranty and a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

When you're working with hot metal, an ordinary workshop table is apt to crash and burn under the pressure - sometimes literally. Eastwood welding tables and work stands are designed to handle the heavy loads and heat that are common with welding or plasma cutting projects. Made of heavy-gauge steel, ssthese welding benches have elevated work surfaces that you can set doors, fenders or hoods directly on while working. You'll be more comfortable and more effective than if you're slouched over on a concrete floor.

We carry several styles of welding tables for DIYers who need a good place to work. Eastwood has folding welding stands that store easily when not in use, adjustable welding tables that can be set at different angles and slatted plasma cutting tables that make it easy to clamp projects in place. Turn your fender stand into a welding workstation with a work stand welding top or get a fixturing set-up table for precision fabrication. In addition to the welding stands and accessories developed by our R&D guys, Eastwood also carries a number of CertiFlat modular fabrication table kits for projects of any size. Customer satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed on all of our welding equipment.


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