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Eye Protection

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Shop Safety Eyewear

Keep your sight sharp for decades of auto restoration with our selection of safety glasses and shields. Working on cars is hard enough when you’re not trying to do it blindly. This automotive eyewear prevents sparks, metal sawdust, paint droplets, flying debris and other hazards from entering your pupils — some of which could otherwise cause permanent damage. Eastwood has created multiple eyewear safety options that are affordable without sacrificing performance. Other companies like Radnor offer high-end safety, visibility and durability in every pair of glasses they make.

Eye Protection for Mechanics

We provide three tiers of eyewear protection depending on the project. A basic pair of shop safety goggles blocks hazards from the front or sides with a clear lens. They’re a solid choice for aerosol painting, grinding and sawing. The Rockwood Clear Face Shield steps things up with full-face protection. A high-resistant polycarbonate lens can be flipped up once the dust clears.

Those operating a plasma cutter will need special plasma shades, which have a tinted wrap-around IR lens to block arc rays. You might also wear these when working outside on a sunny day so you’re not fighting glare. If you plan to weld metal, order a precision Eastwood welding helmet from our catalog, as they are the best line of defense against infrared radiation and metal spatter.

The Best Shop Safety Gear

You’ll be able to focus on the job at hand when you’re wearing premium automotive eyewear from Eastwood. These glasses and shields meet ANSI standards for use in a professional mechanics shop or factory. Complete your wardrobe of personal protective equipment by ordering gloves, welding jackets, respirators and other safety supplies. We help you Do the Job Right with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free lifetime support by phone or email.