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Single Stage Air Compressors

You'll always have a reliable high-pressure air supply when you own an Eastwood single stage air compressor. Also known as piston compressors, these machines get their name from the fact that they draw in and compress air in a single step. They are less expensive than 2-stage compressors and provide sufficient airflow for most tasks, making them the right solution for many hobby auto workers. Our single stage air compressors are made in the U.S. for running pneumatic drills, paint guns, sandblasters or just pumping up your tires.

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Eastwood 60 Gallon Hi Flow 4.7HP Air Compressor

Starting at: $1,202.99

Eastwood 60 Gallon Belt Driven 3.7HP Air Compressor

Starting at: $864.99

Eastwood 30 Gallon Belt Driven 1.9HP Air Compressor

Starting at: $774.99

Chicago Pneumatic 60 Gal Air Compressor RCP3561V

Starting at: $809.99

Chicago Pneumatic 26 Gal Air Compressor RCP226VP

Starting at: $754.99

Chicago Pneumatic 20 Gallon Air Compressor RCP220P

Starting at: $774.99

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Powerful Shop Compressors

If you need air for everyday shop work, there's a compressor here that can provide it. We carry several models of Eastwood and Chicago Pneumatic belt-drive air compressors with solid cast iron cylinders and safety valves for hard use. Get a 20-gallon or 30-gallon tank for inflation and basic air tools or step up to a 60-gallon high-flow compressor to power larger equipment. Each one is engineered to be efficient and quiet so you can spend less and shout less.

Portable Air Supplies

Car show attendees and racers know that you need pressurized air away from the shop as well. A portable single stage air compressor is an essential tool for blowing away dust or fixing an unexpected flat. All units we sell with a 30 gallon or lower capacity have wheels for rolling them along a truck or hauler ramp. They are light enough even when full that one or two people can lift them as well. We also have a special 1/6-horsepower portable compressor that was developed with airbrushes in mind.

The Right Amount of Air

An ASME-certified single stage compressor from Eastwood is a practical tool for anyone who likes to tinker or do serious automotive work. Our tanks are backed by a 2-year limited warranty and 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee so you know we're not just blowing hot air. Use our air compressor comparison chart to look at your options head-to-head or call our tech team with questions.

When you're working with hot metal, an ordinary workshop table is apt to crash and burn under the pressure - sometimes literally. Eastwood welding tables and work stands are designed to handle the heavy loads and heat that are common with welding or plasma cutting projects. Made of heavy-gauge steel, ssthese welding benches have elevated work surfaces that you can set doors, fenders or hoods directly on while working. You'll be more comfortable and more effective than if you're slouched over on a concrete floor.

We carry several styles of welding tables for DIYers who need a good place to work. Eastwood has folding welding stands that store easily when not in use, adjustable welding tables that can be set at different angles and slatted plasma cutting tables that make it easy to clamp projects in place. Turn your fender stand into a welding workstation with a work stand welding top or get a fixturing set-up table for precision fabrication. In addition to the welding stands and accessories developed by our R&D guys, Eastwood also carries a number of CertiFlat modular fabrication table kits for projects of any size. Customer satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed on all of our welding equipment.


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